Friday, April 19, 2019

REVIEW: 'Mom' - Christy and Tammy Learn More About Yuri's Family Connections in 'Lumbar Support and Old Pork'

CBS' Mom - Episode 6.19 "Lumbar Support and Old Pork"

Bonnie has an unexpected reaction when she learns that Adam's bar is doing well. Christy and Tammy go on a double date.

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"Lumbar Support and Old Pork" was directed by James Widdoes with story by Nick Bakay, Warren Bell & Maria Espada Pearce and teleplay by Marco Pennette, Alissa Neubauer & Susan McMartin

This episode has two solid story ideas. And yet, they don't always compliment each other. It's weird that the episode concludes with the punchline of Christy being amused by the entertainment in the back seat of Bonnie's new car considering she just broke up Tammy and Yuri's relationship. It felt a little too minimizing of the importance Tammy now has to the core group of friends. Sure, it's worth celebrating Bonnie getting this new car and the family being happy that Adam's bar is now doing well after months of struggling. However, it can't come at the expense of the personal friendships that have driven the story for the entire series. That's where the heart of the show comes from. And so, it's significant that Christy inserts herself because she doesn't want Tammy to violate her parole. She sees that as inevitable so long as Yuri and his cousin Sergei live together. At first, she is enticed by the prospect of dating Sergei. Then, she is concerned upon learning that he is clearly a criminal. Yuri may rationalize it by saying he's the middleman instead of the one actually stealing and selling the products. And yet, even holding stolen property could be damaging to Tammy's life. She is so happy with Yuri. She deserves this kind of love in her life after so much despair for so long. She has been on quite a journey this season. It should be fascinating to see if the show keeps her around as a major character in the foreseeable future. Or maybe this story could be heading towards yet another tragic ending. Both outcomes are still viable. Right now, she is angry with Christy for telling Yuri about this very real obstacle that now exists. She is essentially asking him to choose between his girlfriend and his family. That may not be her intention. She just wants everyone to be more aware and careful because she doesn't Tammy to be sent back to prison. It just may come at a great personal expense that costs Christy this new friendship. Tammy obviously loses more because the man she loves breaks up with her. He stays with his cousin because of all they've been through together. It's also just easier to blame Christy than accept the complications of this situation. That's very dramatic and clearly setting up a story of ongoing interest. With Bonnie and Adam though, it's all about the ridiculousness that comes from Bonnie not wanting to flaunt Adam's newfound wealth at the universe. She believes that if she accepts that things are finally going well it's basically begging the universe to find some new way of punishing her. As such, she has to eat all the food Adam has just bought immediately so that the kitchen can return to being barely stocked. She sees the struggle as normalcy. Christy does as well. They have these big reactions to learning that the kitchen has all of these groceries in it. Christy accepts them immediately because they are so filling to her empty stomach. To Bonnie though, she feels it's just tempting fate. She doesn't know how to accept that things are turning around in her life. Sure, it's crazy that Baxter of all people is the one who convinces her to enjoy the ride. He has a similar experience thanks to his marriage to Candace. And yet, it's odd how the show only brings Baxter back whenever someone needs a new car. No update is given to Roscoe, Christy's son who hasn't been seen in years. Instead, it's all just building to the joke that Bonnie doubts that Baxter and Candace's relationship is as stable as he claims it to be. That's what she does in general but it may also be the easy joke in this situation.