Friday, April 26, 2019

REVIEW: 'Mom' - Bonne and Tammy Return to Their Foster Home to Make Amends in 'Triple Dip and an Overhand Grip'

CBS' Mom - Episode 6.20 "Triple Dip and an Overhand Grip"

Bonnie and Tammy revisit childhood memories on a trip to their old foster home. Christy and Jill regret accepting a date with two guys from their AA meeting.

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"Triple Dip and an Overhand Grip" was directed by James Widdoes with story by Marco Pennette, Alissa Neubauer & Michael Shipley and teleplay by Nick Bakay, Sheldon Bull & Susan McMartin

Tammy has become an integral member of the ensemble this season. I've noted that on a number of occasions now. She and Bonnie have reconnected and made amends after the drama of being in a foster home together. And now, they return to the place where they first met. Tammy is working the steps and understands that she needs to apologize to the foster parents who took her in. Bonnie has to do that as well. Her sobriety hasn't been in question for a long time. And yet, she still hasn't fully made amends with all the people she has wronged in her past. She doesn't want to return to this home even though it was the best place she was ever at in the foster care system. Moreover, this story highlights how there is still so much the characters don't know about Tammy. There was the understanding that her getting kicked out of this house because of Bonnie's deceit was the pivotal turning point in her life. It's what led her down the path to being in jail and only recently getting her life together. Here, the show outlines that there was yet another pivotal moment in her young life that she has never talked about. The audience has long known that Bonnie was put in the foster care system after being abandoned by her mother at age 4. With Tammy, she entered the system after her father killed her mother. That's absolutely horrifying. It's not information that Bonnie has either. Tammy has never opened up to her about this. It seems likely that she hasn't really talked to anyone about it. She has made so much good progress in her life. She is surrounded by friends who love her. Sure, it's odd to see her and Christy so close a week after Tammy pushed her away for breaking up her relationship. But she also sees the value in the program and the importance of these friends in helping her find stability once more. It has been a blessing. And Bonnie is jealous that Tammy is getting all of the love and attention from their foster mom. Claire is simply returning to her old patterns. She felt the need to protect Tammy more because this was the first home she was placed in after that tragedy. With Bonnie, Claire felt like she simply had to do just enough to keep her alive because she was too rambunctious. Life has finally worked out for Bonnie and Tammy. But there's still this underlying fear of reverting to past patterns because they haven't addressed all of the complications that have popped up from throughout their lives. Bonnie presents as a sympathetic sister worth confiding in. And yet, Tammy isn't willing to do that just yet even though she is aware that the tragic news is now out. It could easily make way for more drama during the final episodes of the season. Meanwhile, Christy and Jill are relegated to the comic relief storyline in which they have to suffer through a double date with two fellow alcoholics from the meeting. It's mostly just a way to bring Jill and Andy back together. That was a romance that ended way too quickly out of fear. They make up for that fact here with Christy encouraging them to try again. It may be completely unexpected but it's still healthy and loving for both of them. That should be all that matters despite what anyone else thinks. Plus, it doesn't prevent Christy from enjoying some personal time with her date at night even though she understands she can never go to that meeting and see him again.