Wednesday, April 3, 2019

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - Johnny Feels a Tightening in His Chest While Patrick Has a Surprise for David in 'The Hike'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 5.13 "The Hike"

Patrick tries to take David on a romantic hike, while Johnny has a health scare that sends everyone into a panic.

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"The Hike" was written by Daniel Levy and directed by Laurie Lynd

There is the fear that Johnny is suffering from a heart attack here. That's scary and forces the show to play with some really serious emotions about loss. It's a fascinating collection of characters in that particular story though. It's not every member of the Rose family. David and Alexis actually don't know that this is going on at all. That's a little strange. With David, it's believable because he is on a hike with Patrick and even mentions that he's not getting any cell phone reception. With Alexis, she is seen as a bit of an afterthought by Moira. And yet, Stevie stills texts her what's going on. After that though, there really isn't any urgency to be in the hospital with her family. She is experiencing a profound sense of missing her family for the first time as well. She has committed to this trip away with Ted in order to experience the Galapagos Islands with him. Every new detail is only making her more worried about the event. Twyla fuels that fear by giving her a reading with tarot cards that seems to spell out her and Ted's deaths on this trip. That is absolutely terrifying. It plays into the idea that Johnny could be dying as well. Now, that always seemed unlikely because this has always been a light-hearted and positive show. It's unlikely that any characters would be killed off. But the genuine emotions are very real for Moira and Stevie at the hospital. Moira would be absolutely lost without Johnny in her life. He is her rock who keeps everything grounded. She is able to go to some extreme places because of the warmth and comfort he gives to her. She loves him and fears that she has been too distracted with the musical to notice his deteriorating health. Meanwhile, Stevie is terrified that she will once again be faced with the prospect of managing the motel all by herself. She inherited the business when her grandmother died. It was a new responsibility she didn't know if she could handle. She believes she has only been successful because of Johnny's help. He has helped improve the business and make it more profitable. And yet, those same fears still exist within her about needing Johnny in order to feel stable and confident with this job. In the end though, Johnny isn't experiencing a heart attack. Instead, it's an extreme case of heartburn. That is an outrageously funny punchline that is only improved by Johnny trying to ease everyone's embarrassment by getting the doctor to say there have been fatal cases of heartburn in the past. That's sweet and shows that he is still doing his best to care for everyone else. Elsewhere though, David and Patrick are taking a huge step in their relationship. This has been a very meaningful season for the two of them as a couple. There has been no threat that has challenged them in a significant way. Instead, they have been overcoming hurdles together and slowly improving their lives. They have such immense love for each other. And now, Patrick is ready to propose to David. At first, it seems like it is all going to end in disaster because David doesn't want to go on this hike. He is tricked into doing so in the first place. Then, Patrick sprains his ankle - which hopefully won't cause any complications for the musical. But it's still an absolutely beautiful moment where Patrick still gets down on one knee to express how much he loves David. This is the best thing that has ever happened for both of them. So, everyone will have reason to celebrate moving forward. This is such happy news that David will be absolutely excited to share with everyone as soon as possible.