Sunday, April 7, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Tick' - AEGIS Agents Test Tick and Arthur to Judge Their Superpowers in 'A.E.G.I.S. and You'

Amazon's The Tick - Episode 2.02 "A.E.G.I.S. and You"

The local AEGIS branch has reopened - Tick and Arthur tour the facility and take the hero test. Overkill and Dangerboat prepare to go back on the lam, but Dot intervenes. Superian encounters social media, and Miss Lint decides on a new villain strategy.

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"A.E.G.I.S. and You" was written by Dan Hernandez & Benji Samit and directed by Romeo Tirone

Arthur has idolized AEGIS for so long. It has been a lifetime goal of his to become a member of the Flag Five. That was a promise he made to his father before he died. As such, this meeting with Ty Rathbone serves as a profound connection between Arthur and his father. He is reflecting on the past and how he has come so far. His father's tragic death and the fall of the Flag Five have not gotten in the way of him achieving this dream. Everyone is cheering for him to succeed. He has the smarts to fill out all the necessary paperwork. And yet, the rigorous testing proves that he's not super in any notable way. He is just your average human. He is special because of the suit and his friendship with Tick. There is no reason why he should be classified as a superhero by the organization that aims to regulate and keep track of everyone who has powers and wishes to protect the world. However, Arthur is out there doing that job. He is prevailing too. He and Tick are on this path for legitimacy. Meanwhile, Superian is depressed and obsessing over social media. He is stunned by the sudden public turn against him. People are now condemning him because he can't possibly represent their values when he comes from another planet. Sure, that is hateful and xenophobic rhetoric. But it still does the job in making Superian lash out at the world and no longer delight in the superhero antics that he used to enjoy. Now, he too is struggling with his identity. That's not good for the city that may need protection now that the Terror and his power have fallen. Tick and Arthur are willing to step up as the defenders this city needs. And yet, Rathbone is only willing to authorize Arthur as an AEGIS agent because of a deal to spy on Tick. Rathbone wants answers as to where Tick came from and how that could potentially be used against the best interests of the country at any moment in time. This episode refocusing on Tick's significant memory loss is important. He doesn't have any recollection whatsoever about who he was before meeting Arthur or how he gained these powers. That remains an open question. Arthur being tasked on spying on Tick basically means that some clarity may be coming at some point this season. Arthur agrees to this deal because he is finally getting to live out the dream he has always had and the promise he made to his father. He just may be betraying his friend and superhero partner in the process. That could compromise them in the field. And yes, Arthur does need Tick in order to be a hero. Tick may be proud of the moxie that Arthur has always exhibited but Arthur is still struggling to be confident in his actions. He wishes to stand according to his own principles and values. But now, he is working for an agency that has no qualms at all for being an all-seeing protector of the citizens of this planet. The opening video may be impressive to Tick and Arthur but it also hints that this is a powerful organization that may have no limitations for how far it is willing to go to achieve these ideals. That too should be called into question. Overkill and Dangerboat went rogue for a reason. Now, it's learned that they did so after a failed mission that killed Overkill's entire team once again. He finished the mission. But he believes he will be blamed for the constant death around him. He actually hasn't talked to Rathbone about it though. And so, his hatred for this organization may not offer any of the clarity to help the other characters better under who they are exactly dealing with this season.