Wednesday, May 1, 2019

REVIEW: 'Brockmire' - Brockmire Does His Best to Support Matt, Gabby and Charles in 'Clubhouse Chemistry'

IFC's Brockmire - Episode 3.05 "Clubhouse Chemistry"

Brockmire urges Charles to leave a toxic relationship. Brockmire is infatuated with Matt Hardesty's nurse and tries to make amends with Hardesty.

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"Clubhouse Chemistry" was written by Mel Cowan and directed by Maurice Marable

Brockmire has once again started a new life for himself in central Florida this season. However, it's still significant whenever someone from New Orleans or Morristown shows up to help him with his various issues. He hasn't reached out too often for help. He has been trying to form new relationships and deal with the new pressures from this job. But Charles was still more than willing to come when called. He comforted his good friend when he needed it the most following his honest conversation with his sister. Brockmire walked away with the understanding that it may be difficult now but it may not always be that way. He just has to keep putting in the work to be a good and moral person. He has expected it to be a rewarding journey. He expects some kind of payoff for living life the way that people have always been telling him to do for so many years. Instead, it's a stark reminder that he truly doesn't know how to have appropriate relationships with people. He can't offer emotional support to those who need it the most. He is more than willing to help Gabby with her hormone injections. He sees that as the least he can do in order to help her on her own journey to getting pregnant. That's what she wants. Brockmire is just the only person whom she can go to help. This is an isolating experience for her as well because there aren't many female colleagues for her to form bonds with. This continues to be a male-dominated profession despite how much she loves it. That just also makes it awkward when people walk into the booth and see Brockmire injecting a needle into Gabby's butt. That's amusing and totally in keeping with the humor of the show. So is the fascination in taking down the idea of 69ing as an enjoyable sexual position. It's a very frank discussion that shows how much Charles has changed since leaving Brockmire as well. This episode notes that he has become a millionaire. His podcasting network has become insanely lucrative for him. He just doesn't have anyone in his life to share it with. As such, he reaches out to an old friend who immediately presents as a crazy woman with extreme reactions. This isn't a healthy or functional relationship at all. Brockmire wakes up to Charles being held at knifepoint. He is even stabbed at one point as well. At the end of the day though, he can only briefly give his opinion about what Charles needs to do in this situation. That too shows incredible growth even though Charles is very much aware that Brockmire is itching to speak his mind. Because he doesn't until he is asked for it, he becomes a slightly better version of himself. He still may not offer the kind of emotional clarity or support that the people in his world need at this moment. He is making more of an effort though. Sure, that could all become immediately compromised by him dating again. He flirts with Matt's nurse. She is the one who stitches him up after getting stabbed. It's an amusing connection. But it's also just much more important to see Brockmire and Matt mine their emotional depths and be willing to be vulnerable with one another. Matt is facing death with no one by his side. That's a huge realization for him. He felt the freedom to be an asshole to Brockmire because Brockmire has a reputation for being an asshole. Brockmire has certainly acted that way towards Matt as well. But now, this may be the only connection they have at the moment. They are two kindred spirits who respect the job and the various eccentricities of the world. That can be appreciated but it's tragic that it all comes about because of impending death.