Wednesday, May 15, 2019

REVIEW: 'Brockmire' - Brockmire Finally Finds His Higher Power After a Conversation with Matt in 'Disabled List'

IFC's Brockmire - Episode 3.07 "Disabled List"

Brockmire deals with sobriety-induced impotence and Matt's declining health. Brockmire's sponsor reminds him that he needs to find a higher power if he wants the AA program to rid him of his anxiety.

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"Disabled List" was written by Andrew Guest and directed by Maurice Marable

Brockmire and Matt finally find their higher power. They found a deep friendship with each other as well. It's just tragic and disappointing that it came at the end of Matt's life. This dynamic has been one of the best new additions to the show this season. They can connect in such a powerful way - even more so than the other people working the AA program with Brockmire. Matt has been dying from cancer. He actually dies because it has spread to the rest of his body. His dying wish is to make Gabby and Brockmire the onscreen talent for the upcoming baseball season. He is inspired by how they managed to make people interested in a spring training game. That means that Brockmire will finally achieve of his dream of calling a major league baseball game. It just comes at a time when his life is still very much in turmoil. He is no longer sexually confident. That has never been a problem for him before. He has been absolutely wild and crazy when it comes to sexual impulses. And now, he doesn't know how to have it while sober. Drugs and alcohol have dictated so many of his actions over the years. He is now frightened over who he might be without them. Sure, he is actually learning and following the steps of the program. He can give himself the advice that he knows his sponsor would say. That is progress. But he is battling impotence because he is putting too much pressure on himself. He is lashing out at his peers as well because he knows they must understand but don't want to engage with him. Matt is the one who pulls his dick out and talks about it just as candidly as Brockmire does. In the meeting, Brockmire actually belittles a man to the point of him breaking down in tears. That's horrifying. Plus, it could signal that Brockmire may actually fall off the wagon with Matt no longer in his life. He gives his new friend the sendoff that he deserves. They both walk away from their time together with the understanding that baseball is their higher power. It's a game that understands the importance of humanity and the ways that we connect with one another. It may be simplistic and challenging. But it does offer clarity. It's the one thing they have done right in their lives. They are so eager to regain that connection once it has been taken away. Brockmire is desperately clawing his way back to success. Matt is destined to never call a game again. In fact, Matt realizes just how much joy he has lost throughout his life. He has never had some of the simple pleasures like other people have. Sure, the show makes it a twisted joke about his penis being too big and no one ever being able to take it. However, that too feels very in character for these two guys who have found a connection. And now, it is taken away. Brockmire can then rise to the occasion and perform for Maggie. Their relationship continues to go well. Sure, Maggie doesn't have a ton of personality at this point. She is mostly just putting up with everything that Brockmire is going through. However, it is perfectly fine to have someone be pleasant with him and willing to be patient as he figures out sober life. It's not as complicated as some of his past connections have been. He came to Florida despising this part of the country. He has now walked away with the gratitude of coming to know these new people. It doesn't fundamentally change his idea of what happens to people after they die. He and Matt are both content with the knowledge that our atoms are just redistributed to the rest of the universe. We were once a million different things. Afterwards, we will return to a million different things. It's just such a beautiful gesture to see Brockmire lay Matt out on the baseball field. Sure, it's outrageous because he doesn't tell anyone about it. The team will now be playing with human ashes on the field. But it's the kind of destiny the two hoped they could have. They want to be a part of something they inherently love and cherish above all else.