Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Casting News - NBC's 'Superstore' Promotes Kaliko Kauahi to Series Regular for Season 5; Plus 1 More Update!

Casting News - May 22, 2019

NBC's Superstore and Netflix's Gentefied.

  • Kaliko Kauahi has been promoted to series regular for the comedy's upcoming fifth season. She has heavily recurred on the comedy for all four previous seasons - appearing in 61 episodes overall.
  • She plays Sandra, a sales associate at Cloud 9. She's shy and has trouble bringing up legitimate concerns and speaks softly, even though she has important things to say and an incredible memory. In the recent season finale, Sandra became engaged to her boyfriend, Jerry (Chris Grace). 
  • Julissa Calderon, Annie Gonzalez, Laura Patalano, Felipe Esparza, Rafael Sigler, Jaime Alvarez, Bianca Melgar, Michelle Ortiz and Alejandro Patiño have booked recurring roles on the upcoming dramedy starring Karrie Martin, JJ Soria and Carlos Santos.
  • Calderon will play Yessika Flores, 23, a strong-willed, educated, witty, Afro-Latina, heart-driven activist with a hoop earring addiction to match. And let's face it, an addiction to the girl she loves most, Ana (Martin). A daughter of Dominican immigrants, she is ride-or-die when it comes to the community she moved into when she was just a girl. The gente of Boyle Heights are her family. She's a badass, natural leader who isn't afraid to use her voice.
  • Gonzalez will play Lidia Solis, 27, sincere, but no-nonsense, Type-A, college professor. She is Erik's (Soria) high school sweetheart and the girl who "got out of the hood." She's smart as hell and a Stanford grad, where she got not one, but two degrees. She moved back to make a difference. She's an adjunct professor at East Los Angeles College (ELAC) where she's absolutely devoted to her students. Which means she's a brown woman always putting everyone else first.
  • Patalano will play Beatriz, 46, Ana's tough, stubborn, sarcastic, single mother. She's the tia everyone loves, but also the mom that ain't afraid to throw a chancla at your head if you misbehave. She works at a sewing factory in the fashion district. She loves her girls, but struggles to keep her cool when she sacrifices so much to give her girls a roof over their heads.
  • Esparza will play Crazy Dave, 36, wise-cracking Cheech look-a-like who is "high on life." Erik's best friend, he often has very deep thoughts that bring the people he loves insight they weren't asking for. He may seem like he doesn't have his life together, but he's more zen than most of the Morales family.
  • Sigler will play Pancho Solis, 65, wise-cracking, old-fashioned compadre. The owner of Pancho's bar. He's the bartender/paisa therapist for all the hombres that come to drink at the bar. Lidia's father. He tries his best to accept that his daughter is an independent woman, but he can't understand how she could possibly have a baby without the father.
  • Alvarez will play Javier Fernandez, 42, a passionate, hotheaded, foul-mouthed mariachi. He loves what he does, but some white folks and hipsters don't see him as an "artist," even though his mariachi artistry is what he holds most dear.
  • Melgar will play Nayeli Morales, 10, witty, intelligent, class-clown and outgoing. She is Ana's little sister and Beatriz's daughter. She's always behind-the-scenes listening in on the crazy that is her mom and sister's relationship. She tries her best to live a normal life, but it's hard not to feel stressed out when all you hear at home is how they may not be able to make ends meet.
  • Ortiz will play Connie, 22, cynical, fashionable, confiden girl with a huge smile. She is one of Yessika and Ana's homegirls. She's always looking fly and wears "winged eyeliner that could cut a bitch."