Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ranking the New CW Series Based on Their Trailers

The CW has just released trailers for some of its new series for the upcoming 2019-20 season. Now, it's difficult to judge a series based on a three-minute trailer conveying the basic plot. And yet, it's what audiences have to go off of until these new shows actually debut. And so, here are some brief thoughts on how The CW's new shows look - ranked by my personal preference.

Trailers for The CW's shows can be found here.

3. Katy Keene

The first look released by The CW today for the new drama is less a trailer that shows exactly what the show is and more a teaser that notes that this is a show viewers should be looking for on the schedule at some point in the next year. It's a spinoff of Riverdale. And yet, it's not the trailer that is most evocative of that hit show for the network. That's strange. Of course, I've seen every episode of Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. So, I'm intrigued to see those creative auspices handle the much more grounded stakes of a group of young adults chasing their dreams in New York City.

2. Nancy Drew

This is the trailer that immediately comes across in the same vein as Riverdale. As such, it must have been easy for the scheduling executives to pair the two dramas together in the fall. Moreover, the television industry has been trying to make a Nancy Drew series for a long time. NBC and CBS failed to get the formula just right. There were many different writers who attempted both straight-up adaptations of the novels or new stories altogether showing the title sleuth at a different stage in her life. The CW version basically positions her as Veronica Mars with some supernatural elements creeping into the proceedings as well. Sure, it will be intriguing to see if a ghost really is behind the central murder that starts off the series. But mostly, this is a trailer that is very effective in making me want to see the pilot.

1. Batwoman

This drama is being positioned as next stage in the evolution of the Greg Berlanti shared superhero universe on The CW. It begins at the same time as the show that created this universe - Arrow - is coming to an end. As such, it's fascinating to see how much this trailer harkens back to that more humble, grounded and dark beginning of Arrow. This world has expanded to include metahumans and those with incredible abilities. This trailer presents a show that is about humans using their skills in the hopes of making a better world for those they care about. That's very noble and meaningful. It was already clear that Ruby Rose was perfectly cast in the lead role when she debuted during the "Elseworlds" crossover event. Of course, this trailer reveals that the pilot is actually the origin story of how Kate Kane became Batwoman. So, that could create some timeline confusion in the shared universe. However, the stakes of the action in this trailer make it immediately appealing while telling such inclusive stories as well. That proves it won't just be your typical superhero show.