Monday, May 27, 2019

REVIEW: 'Gentleman Jack' - Ann's Health Deteriorates to a Frightening Point for Her Friends in 'Do Ladies Do That?'

HBO's Gentleman Jack - Episode 1.06 "Do Ladies Do That?"

With Ann Walker's mental state in a downward spiral, Lister is forced to contemplate traveling to Europe alone. Aunt Anne and Captain Lister endure another visit from the irritating Mr. Abbott, while Marian remains peeved that her sister is absent once again. Lister reopens her coal mine negotiations with the powerful Rawson brothers. Thomas Sowden's secret casts a cloud over his budding relationship with Suzannah Washington. Ann's Scottish relatives swoop in with their own ideas about what's best for her future.

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"Do Ladies Do That?" was written by Sally Wainwright and directed by Jennifer Perrott

Ann Walker's family and close friends put the fear of God into her regarding her relationship with Anne Lister. They are the ones who made her concerned that this kind of bond could lead to their public deaths and burning in Hell for all eternity. And yet, none of them are there to help Ann as her health deteriorates from terrifying nightmares and hearing voices in the middle of the night. Lister is there though. It's in that moment that it becomes clear just how compassionate and loving this bond actually is. A new friend, Catherine Rawson, is there to experience it. She is scared of what is going on with Ann. She knows that she isn't well and needs help. She is also glad that Lister is there to help ease Ann through all of this. It's so loving and kind. Lister sacrifices so much in order to be there for her love. She does so despite being assaulted and warned to stay away from her. She understands that the threat came from the Rawson brothers and not anyone closely connected to Ann Walker. She knows that they are trying to intimidate her in order to better negotiate the deal for the coal mines. It's still effective though. It does mean she reconsiders whether or not she is willing to sink her pits at this moment in time. She is no longer taking bids for the project. She believes the financing has fallen through. She can't ask for money from Ann in her current state. She never wants to take advantage of her and her vast estate. She knows that Ann has been raised to always be wary of people's intentions with her. That too is a fear her family infected her with. Of course, this hour also proves to be right in that regard. There are fortune hunters out there who target families like Ann's in order to pay off their own debts. Lister is the one who protects Ann from those threats. She doesn't want anyone to take advantage of Ann while she's like this. She wants to continue caring for her. And yet, she is also accepting of the idea that being with her family in Scotland could be refreshing as well. It could do her some good to be with her sister once more. Captain Sutherland and his wife haven't been seen up to this point. But they also believe that they know best when it comes to Ann's health. They see the responsibility of caring for her while being amongst family. They can't just sit idly by and leave her health up to whomever may be most convenient. They believe they have excellent doctors where they are. It just comes with the tragic beat of Ann and Lister having to say goodbye. Their relationship has been such a rollercoaster this season. They have always had to hide their true intentions. And yet, suspicion has permeated throughout this entire community. Everyone talks about Lister and how she doesn't belong in polite society. Even her family is annoyed by how casual she treats their concerns. Marian doesn't notice that her father and aunt despise the man she loves but she is offended by her sister continuing to avoid him. She wants Lister to be a more active member of the family instead of just having her will be done all the time. Of course, Lister is open with her father and aunt about the fear that everything has slipped away with Ann. She believes that right before she is called to the house to care for her once more. Again, so much happens that highlights just how erratic these emotions can be. And yet, it's also so easy to track the intense feelings involved and how Lister and Ann just want what is best. Lister is only now realizing just how much she is asking of Ann. She was moving too quickly and Ann has had a lifetime of programming to overcome. She is always afraid of what could happen to her if she's not careful. That's what her family has always told her. She was raised to be concerned about what people think. Lister has long cut those fears and judgmental looks out of her life. But it's still so tragic because she isn't accepted in this community. She wants to transform Shibden Hall. She aspires to stand her ground no matter how intense things could become. She will risk her life in order to get her way. She is beaten physically by the Rawson brothers. But it's the emotional damage from Ann that is truly affecting her in a way that makes her a little bit more cautious here even though she's still planning on traveling to Europe alone in May.