Thursday, May 2, 2019

REVIEW: 'Grey's Anatomy' - Meredith Risks Her Entire Career to Help a Young Patient in 'What I Did for Love'

ABC's Grey's Anatomy - Episode 15.23 "What I Did for Love"

Maggie treats one of Station 19's own. Jo learns a hard lesson. When working with a family seeking asylum, Meredith makes a call that could jeopardize her career.

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"What I Did for Love" was written by Mark Driscoll and directed by Jesse Williams

Fire Chief Ripley collapsed on the sidewalk at the end of the previous episode of Station 19. It was this very dramatic moment in which he was suppose to be giving an answer to the proposal from his girlfriend, Vic. Luckily, Levi was there to treat him immediately. He is rushed to Grey Sloan early on here. That also allows Sullivan, Andy and Ben to come over from Station 19. Of course, there really isn't a whole lot of purpose for this crossover storyline. Ben notices that Jo isn't herself and brings his concerns to Bailey - with Teddy making the same observations. He didn't have to be called to the hospital because of Ripley in order for that to occur though. Meanwhile, Sullivan and Andy don't add a whole lot to the proceedings beyond her being confused that Vic has kept this secret from the rest of the firehouse crew. In fact, this entire storyline is mostly just setting up a dramatic twist for the next episode of Station 19. Ripley collapsed because of an underlying heart condition he was previously unaware of. Moreover, his health is failing because of the recent chemical exposure on the job. Plus, he foolishly has left the hospital in search of Vic to apologize for not showing up at the diner to answer her proposal. That was the expected twist to occur. Maggie was very keenly aware of what he was trying to do. That forced them to have an honest and frank conversation about telling the people they love how they truly feel instead of saying nothing. That means she goes to Jackson to say that she needs to weigh her options first instead of impulsively agreeing to move in with him. It seems like the probable decision that she is going to make. To Ripley, it doesn't seem like much of a choice at all. He may feel the same way about Vic. But that means he mostly presents here as the guy who doesn't take his health concerns all that seriously because he has more pressing personal business that must be dealt with. Again, that will probably be entertaining on Station 19. It's just not the most engaging story here. That also means the majority of the cast are in stories that have nothing to do with the expansive universe. However, Meredith does find herself tackling a very topical issue when it comes to the country's harsh immigration policies and the failings of the health care system. It's an important story to share in the hopes of bringing humanity to those who are seeking asylum at the border. However, it's also incredibly reckless and dangerous for her to essentially commit insurance fraud in order to help her young patient. Sure, it's crazy to think the patient's father is too wealthy to get state assistance but too poor to pay for private insurance. That shouldn't fuel the decision to get treatment. He shouldn't go bankrupt to give his daughter the treatment she needs to survive. And yet, that is the reality of the situation. It's unclear if this is something that will blow up into a huge deal for Meredith though. Richard convinces her to drag out the hospital stay to ensure they get the assistance they need from the government. But a longer stay in the hospital could only further increase the odds of Meredith getting caught. It's exhilarating to Andrew because he too is an immigrant from another country who understands how lucky he is. It's just more pivotal how she doesn't declare her love after he tells her how he is feeling in this specific moment. And finally, the doctors are no longer ignoring how Jo is acting wildly different. But she still hasn't opened up to anyone about what specifically happened with her birth mother. It's just clear that it's a problem that is having a severe impact on her ability to do this job while also distracting Alex, who doesn't know how to help his wife during this difficult time.