Sunday, May 5, 2019

REVIEW: 'Supergirl' - Kara Yearns to Tell Lena About Her Secret Identity in 'Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?'

The CW's Supergirl - Episode 4.20 "Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?"

Kara and Lena head to Kaznia to hunt down Lex. However, Eve Tessmacher sets a trap for the duo that could ultimately reveal that Kara is Supergirl. Meanwhile, Alex gets a long-awaited phone call, James practices using his powers and Ben Lockwood takes a dangerous stand inside the DEO.

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"Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?" was directed by Shannon Kohli with story by Derek Simon and teleplay by Katie Rose Rogers & Natalie Abrams

This hour features yet another close call where Lena almost learns that Kara is Supergirl. That's a secret that should really be out in the open by now. The show has moved past the point of diminishing returns when it comes to that specific plot point. Some other aspect should inform the dynamic between Kara and Lena if the secret is going to be maintained in the future. Here, they travel to Kaznia to learn what Lex has been up to with the Red Daughter. They learn the information that has already been revealed to the audience. They are no longer in the dark about how Lex orchestrated the attack against the White House with a clone of Supergirl. They uncover a grand conspiracy within the American government as well. Sure, it seems absolutely ridiculous. It's preposterous to think that President Baker has been working with Lex all this time. Sure, the episode only teases that the President and his Chief of Staff authorized testing on aliens confined at the DEO for the company owned by Lex Luthor. And yet, the hour closes with the President capturing Kara after she delivers the news that a war could be coming. That's the threat that the American government should be concerned about not the fear that aliens are taking over the planet and causing nothing but chaos and destruction. The effectiveness of this twist may come down to where the President's loyalties truly lie. Of course, that runs the risk of him becoming a one-note antagonist through this entire story. Someone who doesn't have any true agency. He is just the latest pawn in an epic scheme for world domination. It's silly to think that a President could be compromised in that way but it's what the show is suggesting anyway. That twist may not work in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps the President already knows who Kara secretly is. That would be outrageous considering Lena is still in the dark. Kara feels the urge to tell her friend the truth. She makes a commitment to do so after Lex is stopped. She may not have that opportunity though. She doesn't want to be the latest betrayal in Lena's life. That's why she is choosing to still keep it a secret. It just once again amounts to Kara and James talking behind Lena's back about something that gravely concerns her. Ben Lockwood's use of the Harun-El is an invasion of Lena's research as well. She didn't want to just give the formula to any soldier who felt entitled to police the laws of the land. Ben Lockwood has gone absolutely mad with power following the death of his wife. That will only worsen now that the Harun-El is coursing through his veins. James had to address the most traumatic moment in his life in order to control his newfound powers. He is now a member of the superhero team once more. Will Ben Lockwood have to go through the same process? Or will he be incredibly reckless with powers he can't control because he is using fear and hate to destroy his enemies? He is hurting innocent aliens. The DEO may take a noble and moral stand against his actions at Brainy's urging. They are loyal to the Constitution. And yet, Ben Lockwood still has enough power to hurt the world with his message. Meanwhile, things are just suppose to be hopeful and uplifting with Alex as she gets the call about becoming a mom. Her adoption agent has an opportunity for her. She is terrified and thrown by how sudden the news is. It changes at the last minute as well. She is devastated by getting her hopes up once more with nothing to show for it. But it also further strengthens the bond between Alex and Kelly. That's a dynamic that is really starting to flourish even though there is the inevitability of them becoming a couple at some point in the future.