Tuesday, May 14, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Bold Type' - Jane, Kat and Sutton Recall the Day They First Met at Scarlet in '#TBT'

Freeform's The Bold Type - Episode 3.06 "#TBT"

The Scarlet email hack brings up memories of the trio's first meeting four years ago, reminding them that together they can overcome anything.

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"#TBT" was written by Céline Geiger & Amy-Jo Perry and directed by Anna Mastro

The previous episode established that everyone at Scarlet should be concerned about the data hack of their servers. Jane and Jacqueline were worried it could compromise their sources and investigation. The board was debating whether or not to pay the ransom. Everyone was worried about what personal information from their emails could be released as a result. And now, information has been released. And yet, it's not as damaging as all the buildup made it seem. Jane is not in a crunch against time to get corroborating evidence and witness testimony to back up her story alleging abuse by a famous photographer. Instead, the hour devotes half of its running time to a flashback to the day Jane, Sutton and Kat first met at Scarlet. Sure, it shows how far they have come as friends and in their careers since 2014. However, it overwhelmingly articulates how the three of them have always needed each other's support in order to feel confident in their actions. They made a toast to having prosperous careers at Scarlet. And now, it truly does seem like Kat and Sutton could be moving on to new opportunities. Kat is completely committed to her campaign. She is fighting to keep Tia as her campaign manager. That is a somewhat interesting story even though the show remains a little vague with the details when it comes to Tia's trepidation on acting on the romantic feelings they share. They still ultimately kiss. That is bound to create even more drama. Right now, the show wants the audience to feel happy and hopeful about their future together. It just may be leaving out some crucial parts. Plus, it seems like Kat is only passionate about running if Tia is by her side as the campaign manager. That could signal that all of this may not end in success despite the show constantly saying Kat is performing incredibly well so far in her community. Meanwhile, Sutton is bummed that she can't buy a new sewing machine because she has to send $500 to her mom to help her fix her car. That feels like it could go wrong in several ways. However, the show uses it to prove just how connected and meaningful Sutton and Richard's relationship continues to be. Sure, it's cute to see them run into each other in the flashback story. It's just more important to see them in the present day as they are happy and out as a couple. But again, this flashback story presents as a secret that Jane, Kat and Sutton have kept for all of these years that could end up coming out and hurting the company because of the hack. They were just interns and assistants back then. However, they delivered the wrong sandwiches to a meeting which led to an allergic reaction. It's ultimately no big deal whatsoever. They tell the truth to Jacqueline and she mends the relationship. It all presents as a little too simple though. It appears to be the only consequence to this hack as well. That mostly means Jane is still struggling when it comes to her new investigation. Now, it seems likely to continue because the show has actually cast an actress to play Pamela Dolan. And yet, it also shows how Jane would love to lie in order to get the information she desperately needs. The only thing that is seemingly holding her back in comparison to her friends who are advancing their careers is journalistic integrity and morals. It means she doesn't have a good day. But there has to be a better way to tell this story. Right now, it's just Jane moping around upset that her pursuit of the truth is much harder than she was expecting. It doesn't really do a strong job at showcasing the nuances of what investigative reporting is actually like.