Sunday, May 12, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Red Line' - Daniel and Liam's Dynamic Takes a Significant Turn in 'One Day We May Be More Than a Body'

CBS' The Red Line - Episode 1.05 "One Day We May Be More Than a Body"

Reeling over disturbing information he discovered about Harrison, Daniel seeks comfort from his colleague, Liam. Jira causes waves when she speaks up in defense of Tia during Tia's debate with incumbent Alderman Nathan Gordon.

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"One Day We May Be More Than a Body" was written by Fawzia Mirza and directed by Sheelin Choksey

The release of the security tape was going to be a massive revelation that re-opened the passion and intensity of the shooting of Harrison Brennan. As such, the show teases the audience a little bit by showing that Daniel got the package but doesn't open it right away. He eventually does. He and Jira see the footage that it contains. They both break down because of it as well. It shows just how deeply they continue to be broken and struggling because of this. They have tried moving on by exploring new dynamics. They are continuing to live their lives. Jira has sought out Tia and wanted to be a bigger part of her life. Daniel acts on the attraction between him and Liam that has been simmering under the surface for a long time. Neither of these dynamics are perfect either. Neither are what Daniel and Jira thought they would be either. It's not a comfort. Instead, it may just be a crutch. The tricky part is recognizing that and still finding a way to move forward. Things have been tense between Jira and Tia. Jira wants to see her mother in her element. She wants to see her not as the mother who gave her away but as the candidate for city council. She is inspired during the debate. She feels the urgency to get up and ask a question as well. She feels empowered to add her voice to the conversation. She calls out the casual sexual that permeates through Nathan Gordon's performance. That's what gives Tia her big moment up on the stage. But she fears that Jira's presence will only stir up more drama that could blow up into a big scandal. It might. That has not yet occurred though. Right now, this family should simply be celebrating how this campaign continues to build momentum and may actually win in defeating the incumbent in this race. Elsewhere, Daniel may solely be reacting to news of Harrison having an affair when it comes to asking Liam out. He feels betrayed and can't even confront Harrison about it. Instead, he only has his friends and the bartender to find some sense of clarity. That's what he is forced to get. With Liam, it's groundbreaking to see the show have the frank discussion of how the LGBTQ+ community has changed over the years - especially as it pertains to a gentrifying Chicago. It's meaningful to have that moment where Liam talks about being a gay man of faith in a community that doesn't believe being a Muslim can actually be a reality. That is hurtful and appalling. Daniel is there for his friend in that moment. But this is mostly just a fun release of tension for Daniel instead of something he actively wishes to pursue. That isn't fair at all considering he knows how much Liam has wanted this to happen but never made the move to ensure it did. All of these emotions are only brought back up by the release of the tape as well. That moment proves that Daniel isn't ready to move on from Harrison yet. He still desperately clings to the ring that symbolizes their love. Of course, Jira may act recklessly by posting the video online right away without discussing it with anyone first. She just sees the importance in people seeing the truth of what happened to her dad at that convenience store that night. And yes, it does carry immediate consequences. It means that Paul and Vic are immediately suspended from the force instead of trying to embrace their own kind of happiness. But it also means that Paul essentially lets his father die in order to prove a point about him being a strong man. That's absolutely horrifying and basically signals that even more tragedy will happen in this world before the season is over. Paul feels entitled to love and respect. But he needs to face the punishment for his privilege and condescension as well.