Sunday, June 16, 2019

REVIEW: 'Claws' - Desna and Her Crew Learn How to Run the Casino Alongside Mac and Melba in 'Muscle & Flow'

TNT's Claws - Episode 3.02 "Muscle & Flow"

Desna and her crew start working at the casino and discover the Lovestones are involved in some illegal business with a very important person.

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"Muscle & Flow" was written by Janine Sherman Barrois and directed by Jamie Travis

Virginia's new ability to read people is already proving to be very pivotal. It can't be used as a cure-all for any plot development that needs to happen though. It's because of her that Uncle Daddy essentially transforms into a new person here who needs to unburden himself. It's because she can see that there is something weighing him down that he decides to tell Bryce and Roller the truth about what happened to their parents. It's also what fuels him to try to go legit with the clinic and rehab center. Now, that may not be very productive to his overall standing in the Dixie Mafia. Nor may it keep up with his expensive lifestyle. But it's a change motivated solely by the new power that Virginia wields. She can use that to make so much progress in this world. It's all treated as genuine as well. She truly sees what the people around her are trying to avoid about themselves. And yet, that also means she should probably figure out that it was Toby who shot her. These abilities are already being set up with the intention of her being more powerful than ever before. But that can't just appear on a case-by-case basis. There has to be some kind of consistency especially if she'll be hanging around Toby a lot like she does here. Elsewhere, the corruption at the casino is essentially happening in plain sight. People just have to pay attention to what Mac and Melba are doing. They aren't being all that secretive or covert about it. Of course, Desna and her crew aren't being all that stealthy either. They all have plans to continue getting what they believe they deserve. It's just a constant battle to see who can think on the fly in a way that is most beneficial to their ultimate goals. Desna is still getting her bearings in this new business. That's where her focus is at the moment. She leaves Virginia behind at the salon to essentially run in. That place is still the base of operations for Desna and her crew. It's where they feel safe and protected. It is no longer invaded by outsiders who wish to exploit their talents. Now, Desna is the one worming her way into a solid operation that Mac and Melba have going on looking to get her cut of the pie. She is the vulture swooping in to stir up trouble. That is a unique position for her to be in this season. She is much more closed off from the world. She refuses to let her heart fall for Roller once more. Sure, she'll sexually appease him when he is struggling. But she just views that as the cost of doing business with him. She doesn't want to open her heart to anyone because that has been used to exploit and manipulate her too much lately. She needs Roller to prove that he has changed and will forever be loyal to her. His words aren't enough. She needs to see actions. That shows how she is really stepping up her game this season. She has been hardened by the world. And yet, she continues to survive all of the threats that have come after her. She is still looking up in the hopes of climbing the ladder of success. And yet, she and her crew are underestimating their new partners at the casino. Sure, they discover quickly that the casino is laundering money for the current governor. That is bound to erupt into a huge scandal. Perhaps one that will benefit Ann's brother because he's running against the governor. But Mac and Melba actually have a fixer who is willing to do absolutely anything for them - including murder. That's very dangerous. Desna's friends are very loyal and supportive. They all have the skills to infiltrate this world and make quick deductions about what's going on. But they are still woefully out of their depth in many aspects of the world - including this criminal enterprise as well as the state's custody laws.