Friday, June 21, 2019

REVIEW: 'iZombie' - Liv and Ravi Compete to Solve the Latest Murder Investigation in 'Death of a Car Salesman'

The CW's iZombie - Episode 5.08 "Death of a Car Salesman"

Liv and Ravi each consume the brain of a very dislikable car salesman and inherit his competitive nature.

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"Death of a Car Salesman" was written by Christina de Leon and directed by Jason Bloom

So, Liv's father is actually the creator of the zombie virus. That's a huge reveal at the top of this hour. It gives him importance that extends far beyond him simply being the new antagonist with a unique family connection. Plus, Liv is so good-hearted that she is willing to indulge in a lot of sketchy and uncomfortable behavior in order to have family in her life once more. She is realizing just how much she has missed having that. She certainly has it with her friends who have stood by her during all of the zombie drama. She has extended that love and trust back to them as well. She has her strong morals but she is also determined to help the zombie race during these perilous times. And now, the audience learns that she became a zombie because Martin was experimenting with a drug formula and Blaine took the product before knowing what the side effects would be. Martin immediately zombie'd out after he took his first hit of the tainted utopium. The creation of zombies was allowed to go under the radar for awhile. But now, Seattle remains cordoned off from the rest of the world. People are still terrified to actually visit Seattle because they fear it's a world of mass murder on the streets. It's not. The politicians are delicately trying to keep the peace. Major even pitches Vivian's original plan of zombies being sent away to their own island to be contained from the rest of the world until a cure can be found. Ravi continues to be working with the CDC. He had one breakthrough that has had the unfortunate consequence of a bunch of terminal teenagers now being hunted for their brains. That's a new revenue stream for Blaine as he strives to exert his control on the city once more. That's absolutely horrifying. But again, it highlights the competing interests in this world. Everyone believes they are working towards a grand solution that can save the human race. Some are looking for a cure. Some are looking to get rich. Some are willing to bomb the entire city to eliminate the threat. But now, the zombie virus has been sent back to Washington, D.C. The outbreak will no longer be contained to Seattle. That's a huge development as well. Of course, it comes with the audience not really knowing what is motivating Martin at the moment. He presents as a caring father who can manipulate his daughter while coldly working against her behind-the-scenes. Liv can't be too oblivious for too long. Her entire human smuggling operation is in danger at the moment. Martin has a sinister plan for zombies. The audience just doesn't know what it is right now. That's bound to lead to some epic clashes at some point. This hour is just much more interested in the brain-of-the-week for Liv and Ravi as well as the online launch of Hi, Zombie. The latter really isn't all that convincing as a marketing tool to help the world sympathize and understand the plight of zombies in the city. Peyton certainly shouldn't have put so much of the city's budget into the project. Only Blaine has the right reaction though. Peyton, Liv, Ravi and Major all see it as a great comedy - which it isn't. Meanwhile, the competitive car salesman brain is amusing. It is somewhat one-note and all-consuming. But it doesn't drag in a way that makes the entire proceedings unbearable. Plus, it's nice to note that this new competitive spirit doesn't ultimately work out for either Liv or Ravi. Clive is the one with the big breakthrough that ultimately solves the case even though he was looking at the wrong suspect as the killer.