Wednesday, June 5, 2019

REVIEW: 'Jane the Virgin' - The Family Dynamics Keep Changing in the Villanueva Household in 'Chapter Ninety-Two'

The CW's Jane the Virgin - Episode 5.11 "Chapter Ninety-Two"

With Jorge officially moved into Alba's house with his stuff, it quickly has changed the dynamic, making Jane uncomfortable. Rafael and Jane work on their co-parenting now that they have a potential way to help Mateo. Rogelio has a new set of unexpected problems arise on set with River. Xo is nervous about her last PET scan and what the results could show.

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"Chapter Ninety-Two" was written by Liz Sczudlo and directed by Leo Zisman

Right now, the characters are looking for patterns and mantras that can fuel them into their respective futures. They want to put the difficult obstacles or tragic heartbreaks in the past and find a new way forward. And yet, the solutions also have to be perfect and beneficial to everyone involved. Jane and Rafael are on the same page when it comes to helping Mateo with his recent ADHD diagnosis. They want to monitor his behavior in order to help him modulate it over time. It's simply exhausting for them though. They pick fights with other people simply because they aren't helping the situation. That's not fair. Sure, Jorge is completely invading the Villanueva household. This has always been a place of refuge for the generations of women in this family. However, the show is also articulating how these relationships are changing. This is the first time Jane has seen her abuela in marriage. She wants to judge because it embodies traditional gender roles. And yet, that's what brings Alba and Jorge comfort. There is never any sense that Alba is forced into acting a certain way because she is afraid to speak out or do something else. Love and compassion is there. It's more so showing how this may no longer be the best place for Jane to be at the moment. That too may inform her that she has been hanging onto the safety of the familiar house because she kept hope alive that Rafael would return to her. Right now though, they are just focused on helping Mateo. Sure, Rafael has started dating again. But that's not a specific story here. It's something that is brought up but not talked about or seen. There is no fear that that will soon take over the priority. Plus, Jane and Rafael still make an effective team. It still seems inevitable that they will end the series getting back together. That may be a certainty in the minds of the audience. However, it's not healthy for the characters themselves to continue holding themselves back because that might happen. Jane needs change in her life. It's because of Petra that she gets the courage to do so. And Rafael makes it okay and acceptable that the behavioral tools aren't working for them with Mateo. They are all searching for the proper way to move forward. It's tough. It's trying and failing a bunch of things in order to find the approach that works for everyone involved. It helps bring clarity to Jane's life here. Plus, that never stops her from being supportive of those she loves in this world. She continues to help Petra grieve the end of her relationship with J.R. That is a difficult breakup. Petra has never felt like this before. She opened up to the possibility of happily ever after because of Jane. And now, it's Jane's realism that helps her cope with the reality of the situation without forcing an expensive remodel onto the hotel. Meanwhile, everyone is praying for Xo as she gets the final results back about her cancer treatments. It's such a celebration to get the news that she is now cancer free. Her life can finally start moving forward again after all of this uncertainty. She can get back to normal while finding her own passion once more. It's just odd how the show immediately flings her and Rogelio into a weird story of River suddenly having feelings for him. She kisses him repeatedly. It's a story that builds to River and Xo fighting on the telenovela set. Rogelio continually has to rebuff River's advances. But it's just a startling turn for the character that seems to come out of nowhere. A lot of absurd and broad things have happened to her over the course of her story arc. This turn stands out as not being as cohesive as the rest of this hour. As such, that could signal that not everything will be lining up perfectly moving forward as the show approaches its endgame.