Sunday, June 30, 2019

REVIEW: 'Perpetual Grace, LTD' - Pa Gives a School Presentation While Wesley Gets a Warrant for Paul in 'Wandering Left'

Epix's Perpetual Grace, LTD - Episode 1.05 "Wandering Left"

On Father's Day in Mexico, Pa follows Hector's sons into their classroom, and James guides Glenn out of the desert.

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"Wandering Left" was written by Steven Conrad & Bruce Terris and directed by Steven Conrad

The dry humor of this show is mightily impressive and so specific. It takes a very specific viewer to tune into the right frequency that is happening in this world. But for those who understand it, it can be incredible. Yes, it's a serious drama about murder and violence. But it's also such a twisted tale of humor that consumes these characters as they chase after what they want from this world. Many of them may not be all that smart. They are disillusioned about the world and don't quite know how to react to every shocking thing that happens to them. And yet, they are simply trying their best. Pa remains the one person who is willing to do absolutely anything in order to survive. He acts that way even though it may put his wife's own life in jeopardy. Ma is essentially buried alive here. Hector doesn't do that to her in order to assert some kind of righteous punishment. It may eventually come across that way because of the actions that Pa is taking towards Hector's own family. It just wasn't the intention. But again, the power of perception is so potent throughout this world. Everything can be misconstrued in order to fit a very specific narrative that can have deadly consequences for the people involved. Pa is expertly able to craft a tale of being the true father to Hector's twin boys. He invades their lives. It's mostly just a phenomenal spectacle to watch. He deconstructs the narrative of what people want from their fathers and how they always end up disappointing them because they are failing, complicated human beings as well. Pa has never been a good father to Paul. Sure, they may share the same sociopathic tendencies. Paul is the one wanted in connection to a murder by a Texas ranger. Meanwhile, Pa is the one who has already been proven to kill people. He does so with no real concern whatsoever. That may be the fate awaiting Hector's family. He makes quick progress of invading their personal space and gaining their trust. The boys first understood him to be creepy. And yet, that isn't the narrative that ultimately sticks with him. Pa speaks eloquently and in a way that seems folksy and charming. He is dangerous though. As such, the tension in Mexico is bound to only get more complicated. Elsewhere, James is just trying to get back to Half Acre. He sees his mission in Mexico as complete. He no longer has to be in this country. He can move back to the life he has taken over in the hopes of further advancing the plan of stealing all the money from the church. He has become so unnerved and shocked by all of the huge reveals about who Paul may be as a person. Even that though may be one big misunderstanding. Wesley certainly has his convictions about Paul being a killer. He gets a warrant to arrest Paul after Glenn is also reported missing. That is a farce that earns so much good will for the show even though the walls are slowly closing in on everyone. Plus, the show never loses sight of its weird humor. New Leaf confuses the signal meant to tell them when their table is ready with the one that alerts him that his parents are dead. That's so twisted and absurd. And yet, it works insanely well in the moment. James and New Leaf certainly have a dynamic that allows them to be kindred spirits just trying to atone for the past while trying to do right in the present. They have different ways of doing so. But they do their best by Glenn even if it only causes chaos and confusion back home. Plus, there is still likely more to be revealed. Pa could be revealed as the true person to blame in every action that New Leaf and Wesley are trying to investigate and seek justice for. Paul and James just may have to deal with those consequences because no one is wise enough yet to truly take on Pa and take him down from his perch atop this destructive world.