Tuesday, June 11, 2019

REVIEW: 'The 100' - Bellamy and Murphy Confront What It Means to Be Changed People in a New World in 'Memento Mori'

The CW's The 100 - Episode 6.06 "Memento Mori"

Diyoza learns more about the mysterious Children of Gabriel while Abby continues searching for a way to save Kane.

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"Memento Mori" was written by Alyssa Clark and directed by PJ Pesce

No one should be particularly surprised that Murphy has accepted Josephine's offer to become immortal. He is always in pursuit of whatever can keep him alive the longest. His brief brush with death seems to be fueling his decision here. And yet, it really shouldn't take Bellamy that long to figure out that his friend has betrayed his people once more. That moment eventually comes. It just takes awhile. But the show is playing with some interesting ideas this season. The main characters from Earth were given this mission by Monty to do better in this new world. They can't be the same people that they were on Earth because that led to the planet's destruction. They all feel that impulse to heed Monty's warning while trying to pursue a life that can actually be sustainable for a long time. All of that is challenged by them landing on a new world in which the society revers a select group of people and has the technology to transfer consciousness from body to body. That's absolutely horrifying. It means that Bellamy and the crew from Earth have to mourn Clarke's death while trying to abide by these new driving principles. When Bellamy is freed from his chains, his first instinct is to kill Russel. Now, the leader of Sanctum had no idea that his daughter had pushed things to this extreme. Josephine is a woman who has grown quite callous to the world. She too is focused purely on survival with no qualms about the destruction she leaves in her wake. It's fitting that she bonds with Murphy even though he is a very reluctant partner in this endeavor. But she also forces Bellamy into getting the crew from Earth into accepting this deal. She forces him into a situation where he feels the pressure to act like he always has even though he doesn't want to be that person anymore. He doesn't want to be a killer who starts wars. And yet, Sanctum has killed Clarke. Josephine was fooling everyone into believing that she was someone she wasn't. Abby is on her way back up to the Mothership to create nightblood for Sanctum believing that it could lead to Kane being saved. Now, the leaders of Sanctum are clearing space for more people's identities to be saved in this way. All of this could certainly create problems down the line in which the sole existence of nightblood could ensure that no one is special anymore. That could lead to the total collapse of Sanctum. But that's not a concern anyone is thinking about in the moment. Right now, they are just trying to do the right thing to survive the immediate threat. Plus, the show is already setting up more mythology and outside antagonists. Diyoza and Octavia have been off in their own corner of this world for weeks now. They are still only learning a few details about the Children of Gabriel. They are up to date on the body snatching. Gabriel is teased as a guy who got his morality back. But it's still a big mystery where the world seems to be calling out to this trio in the woods with a temporal anomaly. Plus, there's the final tease that Clarke is still alive somewhere within her own body. That too should be a detail the gods of Sanctum should bring up especially since they aren't all on the same page about the importance of immortality in this world. And finally, Madi is being consumed with darkness because of the death of her mother. That could have lasting repercussions. She's already preparing to kill everyone in Sanctum. That too could prove that the arrival in a new world hasn't changed the impulses for these characters at all.