Tuesday, June 18, 2019

REVIEW: 'The 100' - Clarke Reckons with Memories of the Past to Confront the Present Danger in 'Nevermind'

The CW's The 100 - Episode 6.07 "Nevermind"

Clarke's past catches up to her.

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"Nevermind" was written by Kim Shumway and directed by Michael Blundell

This is an extremely effective episode. It features Clarke reckoning with many of the decisions she has made in order to survive. It's contextualized in a way that adds to the audience's memory of the events as well. This show has such a rich and complex history. The characters have constantly been growing and trying to deal with the consequences of their actions. However, this hour actually forces Clarke to come face-to-face with the actions of her past and how they may stand in her way of actually reviving herself now. That's such a fascinating dynamic. The pure horror of the body snatching premise has been a strong storytelling device over the last few episodes. Sure, it was built on the premise that Clarke was dead and Josephine now lived in her body. As such, it was rewarding to learn that Clarke's consciousness was still alive somehow. An explanation is given early on here with the return of Alie. She details how she established a backup piece of code in the implant that connected all of their minds during that Season 3 conflict. And now, Clarke presents as the one fighting to stay alive in the face of an outside threat that is too controlling and destructive. Josephine is actually a kindred spirit as well. She just has no shame or regrets about the actions she takes in order for her people to survive. That has long been the excuse made to justify Clarke's actions. She killed countless people in order to protect those she cares about. Here, she realizes that she has killed more people than she has saved. In fact, it's very telling when she feels relief upon seeing her father again with the understanding that she died and her fight is now over. It's far from that though. But that brief moment of bliss is so illuminating. She only regrets not being able to say goodbye to her friends. She knows they will survive and thrive without her. She always fought for what she believed to be right. And yet, she always yearned to be with her friends when peace finally came for them. They are still fighting to achieve those goals. Right now, Josephine is on the hunt to figure out how to kill the last remnants of Clarke to ensure that the brain of this new body doesn't die from being overloaded with two people. She understands that's an agonizing and uncomfortable way to die. She is willing to make a deal with Clarke as well. She sees all of the memories in this space as the actions that led to the destruction of Earth and the isolation of Clarke from her people. She wanted to do better. And yet, Clarke may have to be willing to sacrifice herself in order to create the peace her people have always wanted. She is resolved to achieve that. It's not until Monty suddenly appears and offers the advice that making this kind of a deal with a religious and fanatical cult isn't really doing better like he urged them to be. In fact, Clarke invading Josephine's own memory space highlights how she truly is a monster who will show no remorse or mercy for killing the outsiders to her world if they prevent her from living for all eternity. She believes she has won because she has eliminated the threat and allowed for her people to continue the royal bloodline for generations to come. But Clarke is now armed with the knowledge that giving up isn't the right answer. Everyone has to fight because their friends and their ideals still exist. It's more than all of the previous times the people from Earth have gone to war. And yet, it's to create something better in the face of a movement that wishes to eradicate all sense of common decency and mortality. Josephine has grown cold and numb to the world. She has studied it and all of human behavior. That makes her such a chilling and effective enemy for Clarke. But Clarke is just as invigorated to survive for as long as possible. She has always found a way to do so as well.