Wednesday, June 26, 2019

REVIEW: 'Younger' - The Success of Quinn's Book Creates Major Problems for Kelsey in 'The Unusual Suspect'

TV Land's Younger - Episode 6.03 "The Unusual Suspect"

Liza and Charles heat up, but Liza suspects he's keeping something from her. Millennial gets the scoop on a tell-all from acquitted murderer Audrey Colbert. Kelsey feels undermined by Quinn. Scarred after Clare's labor, Maggie seeks rehabilitation.

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"The Unusual Suspect" was written by Grant Sloss and directed by Brennan Shroff

The show has always been interested in generational differences in our culture. It has examined how the people now entering the workplace have different expectations than those who have built solid careers while going through some traditional norms. That conflict is now presenting itself through a more adversarial charge between Kelsey and Quinn. They have two very different styles. Quinn has always presented as this larger-than-life persona who can captivate a room and win over people with her skills. She is very successful with her manipulations. But she's also incredibly loyal only to herself. She doesn't feel like she has to support other women. She was never given any opportunities from people in positions of power. She worked her way up and expects others to do the exact same thing. She gave Kelsey this promotion to publisher. But that came with the strings and expectations of always getting to tell her what to do. She understands how the game is played because she has been playing it for a long time. Her expertise is the basis for a book everyone in the publishing industry wanted. Millennial got it. Quinn wouldn't take any notes though. She then inflated her own numbers to ensure the book's own success. It's dishonest and brutal. It could seriously destroy Millennial's reputation throughout the industry. People are turning down meetings and offers from Kelsey and Liza because they don't trust that they will protect their writers and respect the system. Everyone notes how publishing is a difficult industry at the moment. It's hard for these major companies to keep earning a profit without having to resort to some creative partnership deals. Kelsey has been influential in steering this company into the future. But she may be creating an enemy in Quinn, who has the influence to do some major damage. Quinn has her entire life carefully plotted out. She used Millennial in order to mount her campaign for Senate. That's completely ignoring the fact that California doesn't have an open Senate seat in 2020. Nor does it quite explain how Quinn could be a serious candidate in politics. But it does showcase the conflicting agendas for these women. The team at Millennial remains very committed to each other. They are strong in their resolves. Quinn may just be less inclined to help them moving forward. That could be a crushing blow considering she saved the company from numerous scandals and financial peril at the end of the previous season. But that was all seemingly worth it because Liza and Charles could openly be with each other. And yet, they are keeping secrets from each other now. It's teased that Charles and Zane have started their own company which scoops an author from Millennial during this turbulent time. However, it's more concerning to see how the show continues to treat Liza and Charles as a couple. Here, they are presented in parallel to a true-crime podcast about an accused murderer. It's played as fun and flirtatious. However, there is the undercurrent that sinister actions are taking place that could ultimately kill this relationship. Those are absolutely present. It only makes it seem like this season is trying to implode this coupling for some reason. Perhaps that's because of some lingering feels for Josh or the love triangle as an overall concept. It's too unclear at the moment. It's just important that Josh also has a much needed conversation with Clare about how they aren't a couple nor should they try to rekindle things. They just have a baby together now. They will be co-parents and nothing more than that. That is reassuring. But again, it could signal some uncertainty for the season to come.