Friday, July 5, 2019

REVIEW: 'Jett' - Jett Tracks Down the Gold and Reunites With an Old Boss Who Has Lost His Influence in 'Frank Sweeney'

Cinemax's Jett - Episode 1.04 "Frank Sweeney"

Jett tracks down Frank Sweeney, a brutal gangster she and Blair worked for ten years earlier.

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"Frank Sweeney" was written by Sebastian Gutierrez and directed by Sebastian Gutierrez

It was starting to get a little concerning that nothing ever went according to plan for Jett. She is billed as this master thief who can pull off even the most improbable jobs. And yet, she was captured by Bestic and Quinn was killed. Then, she was betrayed by Blair so that he could run off with the gold bricks alongside his former boss, Frank Sweeney. Jett had the gunshot wound to prove that she may be struggling at the moment. And yet, this hour asserts that she really is as commanding and impressive as she has always seemed. She earns her reputation here. She was tasked with tracking Blair down and retrieving this haul for Bestic and Evans. It was a journey that delved deep into her personal history. In fact, it continues to seem like the walls are closing in on her. She is covered in blood when she gets the call from Alice's school that she needs to be picked up early after an accident. She doesn't have Maria to rely on at the moment. Instead, she has to involve Phoenix in her life once more. Phoenix would much rather spend time with Jett and Alice to earn money than any of the alternatives. But her problems may not be as magically fixed as Jett positions they should be here. Jett gives her the twelve thousand dollars to pay off her debt to her brother. But she keeps asking for more from Phoenix as well. Jett's life is very chaotic at the moment. She doesn't know what's going to happen with Maria. She is spending more time in the hospital. Plus, there are all these competing gangsters whose interests are being disrupted by Jett's actions. Jett is only reluctantly working for Bestic. She saw the club heist as being all the proof necessary that this arrangement may not be productive in the longterm. Trying to pull off this one job was a major disaster. Jett got shot but remains as the only one left standing from the job. She hopes to renegotiate her terms considering she proves her worth and because everything is much more dangerous than it was originally presented to be. Evans continues to assert himself as the spokesperson for Bestic. He has the authority to speak on his behalf even though it can unnerve these potential partnerships with Jett and Junior. Jett doesn't want to be a part of this criminal crew. And yet, she views it as the only way to survive for the time being. She has to keep playing along until she can gather as much information as possible on how to disrupt whatever Bestic may be planning for the future. He continues to be the gangster who allows his minions to carry out his orders. He doesn't get personally involved. He doesn't go out in the open to become a target. Charlie has the confidence of doing so because he has a protective detail that won't let anything happen to him. Of course, Bennie is increasingly distracted by Rosalie as well. That's bound to create complications. Meanwhile, Jett has to worry about her parole officer checking on her at her fake job at a bar. That may not be a concern for too much longer. The gangsters of this world walk around with the idea that they can do absolutely anything without having to deal with any consequences. That's very terrifying and precarious. It creates numerous toxic individuals who lash out the moment that things don't go according to plan. Jett isn't given that same curiosity. She knows that she has to keep thinking about the best way to survive because she can't act impulsively. She has too much to lose. Plus, she doesn't yet have the leverage to ensure that she won't become a target in this brewing gang war. It may be very complicated at the moment with the various leaders targeting different rivals. And yet, it's all destined to come together in a way that will only become more explosive. Jett may take out Frank Sweeney now and retrieve the gold. However, this is just the first job in what is bound to be many she has to do for Bestic to earn her freedom once more.