Monday, July 8, 2019

REVIEW: 'Legion' - David Journeys Into the Past to Get Clear Answers About His Parents in 'Chapter 22'

FX's Legion - Episode 3.03 "Chapter 22"

A family history.

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"Chapter 22" was written by Nathaniel Halpern and directed by John Cameron

Set in a post-World War II world, this hour delves into David's parents, the relationship they had and the reasons why they couldn't raise him. David always said that he didn't want to go back in time in order to win back Syd. And now, it's clear he wanted to go even further back. He wanted to change the central event that dictated his entire life. He wanted to ensure that Farouk never took ahold of his mind in the first place. That's his grand ambition when it comes to time travel. And yet, there are limitations on Switch's powers. Whatever device Cary created to amplify her powers didn't do enough to ensure a physical presence for David and Switch in the past. She has never gone back this far before. She has been studying the art of time travel. She knows all the dangers that can come from pursuing this path. But she is now committed to David and whatever he may have planned for the world. That just seems well-poised to throw him even further off the deep end because he can't actually change anything. That's tragic and proves that some things may just be destined to happen. The premiere outlined just how powerful and consequential Switch's presence could be this season. She may be the reason why Division 3 will never succeed in capturing David. She can always go back in time and erase whatever events have just happened to safe David's life. Going even further back is more severe and devastating for her though. David only wants her for that specific purpose. This is her core mission. She does bring some clarity to David's life. He sees the love story of Charles and Gabrielle. He understands that they too met in a psychiatric facility. His father had telepathic powers and was constantly searching for people just like him. He eventually found that with Farouk, who immediately presented as a monster that must be stopped. That curiosity proved to be so damaging to David's life. Charles may have won in defeating this foe but Farouk's influence was only just beginning for this family. They will never be the same again. Charles worried that his son would be just like him. Gabrielle had those same exact fears. She thought it would be even worse if David inherited all of her problems. She survived the concentration camps. She found love and happiness. And yet, she was never sure if her reality was actually real. She was constantly hearing things that weren't there. To the audience, it presents as David and Switch being these omnipresent voices who haunt this house. To Gabrielle, they are spirits who wish her harm. She is defenseless from the evil forces that wish to destroy her world. She doesn't know what to expect. She just wants the comfort and security that seemingly only Charles can provide. He may always be tinkering with some devices in his lab. Those are very illuminating to his world. But it also means that Gabrielle is left alone a lot with no idea when Charles will return. That isolation festers a depression that is so numbing and debilitating. She remains an active individual. There are continual teases that not everything is right in this world. But there is nothing that David can do to fundamentally change anything. The obstacles are simply too overbearing. He may present as the most powerful mutant that has ever existed. But he is incapable of changing his own past in the hopes of creating a better life for himself. That is bound to enrage him to the point where he'll keep trying to change things. He sees that his parents love him. And yet, he is still angry about why they gave him up in the first place. He doesn't have the compassion to see the struggles that they are dealing with as they feel isolated in a world that makes less sense with each passing day.