Monday, July 15, 2019

REVIEW: 'Legion' - The Entire Timeline Is Under Attack Due to David's Careless Adventure in the Past in 'Chapter 23'

FX's Legion - Episode 3.04 "Chapter 23"

Time is preyed upon.

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"Chapter 23" was written by Olivia Dufault & Charles Yu and directed by Daniel Kwan

The time demons are legitimately terrifying. Switch may refer to them as cat-like creatures early on in explaining the threat to David and his cult. And yet, they are much more dangerous than that. Their presentation just slowly creeps into the frames of this world. But they are insanely powerful with the ability to destroy everyone's lives based on the deep histories and fears they have always carried. Things weren't all that consequential when David and Switch went back in time to prevent Farouk from latching onto David as a baby. They ran into problems they couldn't have foreseen. It was an informational hour that delved into David's personal history. He met his parents for the first time. He couldn't change his ultimate fate. That infuriates him so much. It makes him angry enough to the point where he just wants to do the same thing over and over again. He doesn't really care about the personal cost to Switch in maintaining this connection through her powers. Nor does he care that he has unleashed this monstrous threat onto the world. Switch knew to be afraid of these creatures that lurk outside of time. They wish to wreak havoc on time itself. Cary is curious if they are sentient or just hungry. There isn't an easy answer at the moment. It's clear that they too can be terrified of the threats they face in this world. That would suggest that they are capable of complex thoughts and are working towards some large agenda outside of just consuming time. They present as an even more daunting threat because they have the tools to erase the entire world. Farouk outlined just how dangerous it was that David was now working with a time traveler. David meddled in the past without fully understanding the potential consequences. Now, he is witnessing that firsthand. His ignorance and superiority complex may be the thing that ends the world. He doesn't care about the world though. He sees this as being his time. He needs to be the center of the story whose needs are more important than anyone else throughout history. That's so delusional though. He may be able to send a message to the time demons. He gets them to back off from destroying time for the moment. And yet, he is the reason why they escape in the first place. He makes the same mistake over and over again. Most people would be aware and change their course of action after falling into the same trap. David does it multiple times because he believes that his powers and strength can overcome absolutely anything. He was propped up as the most powerful mutant even known who had the potential of ending the world. He believes he's a benevolent man who just wants to change his fate. But he may be playing into the direct destiny that has always defined who he is. He's sympathetic in the idea that he just wants to know about his heritage. He wants to know where he came from. He wants to know how to feel love. But he has betrayed all of these concepts and emotions just in order to get these answers. He has hurt people because he sees that as the only way to feel confidence about himself. That has been so destructive. He only cares that Division 3 now has Switch because he needs her to go back in time again to reach out to his parents once more. He didn't want to know the limitations of Switch's powers or the threat from these new creatures. There isn't any certainty that things will end up differently if he manages to go back in time to warn his parents. He believes there will be. But he seems destined to make the same mistake. He will repeat it. Every failed attempt will then open the world up to more pain and destruction. The time demons are subdued for now. But David hasn't learned his lesson. Syd confronts her younger self and does so with the clarity that love is important but resilience and clarity are crucial as well. David is a threat that needs to be stopped. There just isn't any clarity that he understands the powers that he is now playing with. His erratic nature may end the world because he refuses to believe that he isn't right all of the time. And that creates a very captivating hour. The threat is done for the moment but it could very easily return more dangerous and lethal than before. Lenny loses so much and wants to feel the pain instead of having David take it away. The system may be rebooted and everyone is safe. But that may not be a certainty moving forward in this brewing conflict.