Sunday, July 14, 2019

REVIEW: 'Perpetual Grace, LTD' - DeLoash Goes On a Surprising Journey While Trying to Get to Pa and Ma in 'Bull Face'

Epix's Perpetual Grace, LTD - Episode 1.07 "Bull Face"

A determined Pa strives to make contact with Ma, while New Leaf's problems mount.

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"Bull Face" was written by Steven Conrad & Bruce Terris and directed by James Whitaker

The cut from the Cash Cab reveal to the opening title sequence has to be one of the most outrageous and hysterical moments from the series to date. It's so absurd and timeless. It's so unusual to picture Donny DeLoash competing on a game show. It doesn't present as something that could be useful to his character journey in the slightest. And yet, this hour may fundamentally be about travel. The characters are getting from one point to another. With some of them, it's an emotional journey. One where they actually open up and talk about the decisions they have made in their lives so far. Most of the time though, it's about a literal journey. DeLoash continues to make his way out west in order to exact revenge on Pa and Ma. Meanwhile, Pa and Ma are still stuck in Mexico wanting to get access to a computer to freeze their finances. They don't succeed in that endeavor because the people they happen to be holding at gunpoint work for the cartel that wants to hunt them down and kill them. That was so ironic. Not a whole lot of progress is made in that specific corner of the show. But things go from bad to worse for Pa and Ma as these numerous threats continue to close in. DeLoash is closer than he has ever been before. His motivation has been shrouded in secrecy. Here, it's clear that he is a threat who should be taken very seriously. Him playing in the Cash Cab is actually very important for his journey because he needs cash in this new country. He needs to procure a weapon so that he can complete this job against Pa. It's then wildly unnerving when he happens to be the answer at the end of the trivia. All of this starts off as innocent and amusing. DeLoash doesn't know anything about pop culture but nails all of the hard questions that Ben Bailey has to ask. He and Pa just happen to be the answers to the last question. They were the youngest people ever convicted for murder. That reality is starkly portrayed here as well with the orphanage being slow to realize exactly how they killed their peer in the middle of the night. But now, it's just a twisted fact used to reward DeLoash with five thousand dollars. That's a lot of money that will give him the resources to continue ahead on this journey. It's a fun detour while also serving a significant purpose. Meanwhile, James and Paul are actively working to continue staying one step ahead of the threats they face. With Scotty wanting in on their scheme, there is now a chance that they could actually pull this off. Of course, they are still being questioned by those who want to plan a funeral already. Plus, Wesley wants to figure out how New Leaf factors into all of this. This is a devastating hour for New Leaf as well. His parents die. He's no longer near Paul Allen Brown to exact his revenge. James managed to trick him in order to get exactly what he wanted. Sure, that may create enough of a distraction in the moment to keep New Leaf and Wesley busy and far away. However, that doesn't last. In the end, New Leaf is arming himself with a new weapon with the intention of using it to get his revenge. Now, he has reason to hurt James as well because he missed out on his parents' final moments because of him. James is trying to be more honest about who he is and what he is trying to do. He opens up to Glenn here. New Leaf formed a connection with the kid as well. Glenn may still be naive to the world. And yet, it's sweet and wholesome that some people in this world don't understand all of the machinations going on. It still allows a strong bond to develop. Wesley may be quick to suspect that something more happened in Mexico. That is daunting. However, James is honest even though he doesn't admit to being the person who caused Glenn's injuries. That may be too much honesty and could come back to hurt him in a major way. Right now, he just has to be content with not wanting to take the sombrero.