Wednesday, July 10, 2019

REVIEW: 'Younger' - Liza and Kelsey Deal With New Competitors Who Are Ready to Make an Impact in 'An Inside Glob'

TV Land's Younger - Episode 6.04 "An Inside Glob"

In the wake of a book loss, Liza and Kelsey shift their focus to an author who is skeptical of Millennials in charge. Kelsey deals with the stress of her new job. Maggie tries a holistic remedy.

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"An Inside Glob" was written by Alison Brown and directed by Miriam Shor

This season has been teasing some kind of new professional venture from Charles and Zane. It's not until this episode that Mercury is actually confirmed as their company though. All of it is perceived as being a personal attack against Millennial and the work that Kelsey, Liza and Diana have done during this time of transition. It's all about trying to secure authors with deals that will be profitable to the companies. It also comes with the added complication of Charles starting this company despite also being on the board for Millennial. That is a concern that is somewhat addressed here. Kelsey and Liza point it out both in private and public. And yet, all he has to do is resign from the board in order for everything to be perfectly fine. Liza doesn't even have to maintain this lie for him for a long time. She finds out the night before Kelsey does. It's enough for her to feel energized and impassioned about cutting Kelsey off before walking in on the Mercury meeting with Bronwyn. Kelsey feels personally slighted because Zane has once again betrayed her. That is a pattern that has become all too common for the two of them. The audience should no longer be falling into that trap. We should expect more from the storytelling of this show. There is the hope that a new professional rivalry amongst these characters will liven things up this season. It immediately presents as a new obstacle that Liza and Charles will have to deal with in their own relationship. They tried to establish a wall where they wouldn't talk about work at home. And yet, that only led to Liza's growing suspicions about what Charles was possibly up to. She had to believe that there could be some rational explanation for all of these coincidences. Maggie convinces her as such. This being a television show though the story eventually had to turn to prove that Liza was right about all of this seeming too connected to not be what's actually going on. It also presents as Charles wanting to be more active as a character. It's meaningful that he is in the apartment having dinner with Liza, Maggie and company. He is becoming more connected and intwined in her life. However, his ambitions are still in publishing. He believes he made a great sacrifice for this relationship. As such, he is now expecting Liza to support him as he goes off in the hopes of making this new venture a success. In the long run, it may not be as personal and destructive as it is now. It was previously stated that a new startup in the publishing industry may be a hard sell at the moment. Charles is risking everything in order to launch this company as well. So, the pressure is on for Mercury to succeed. However, the pressure is on Millennial too. The show has never been shy about the financial problems experienced at Empirical. And now, Kelsey has a tense relationship with Quinn, who established all of the funding to restructure the company. That is bound to be pivotal. It's enough stress for Kelsey's hair to literally being falling out. That's a running joke the show is overly amused by. The same is also true of the sight gag of breast milk being squirted on Josh's face. The show can still be gross and frank with those kinds of situations. It's also just been much better as a character study. Josh loves being a parent. He loves it just as much as everyone else loves their careers. He is willing to fight for it. That seems simple for the moment. It may not always be that way though. Things could remain very contentious for the show overall moving forward. These characters will constantly be in each other's lives. The competition is just heating up as well. That will create more personal drama to see who is the most passionate in pursuing and protecting their authors. Kelsey gains the support and respect from Bronwyn. But not every author is likely to have that same reaction.