Wednesday, July 24, 2019

REVIEW: 'Younger' - Liza and Charles' Clash Over a Book May Have Lasting Consequences for Their Companies in 'Merger, She Wrote'

TV Land's Younger - Episode 6.06 "Merger, She Wrote"

Liza and Charles attend a microdosing retreat, where Liza is surprised by new friends and familiar faces. Brownyn Madigan finds an unlikely voice in her audio books. Maggie gets hogtied.

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"Merger, She Wrote" was written by Ashley Skidmore and directed by Peter Lauer

This show has always been a little reluctant to change up its premise too much from season to season. It can be comforting to know that very few things change over the course of the series. But it can also be static as well when it comes to the dramatic storytelling. After all of these years, Liza's secret about her age is still being maintained for some reason. Any threat that someone would leave the company or the business would go under never really amounts to much. The love triangle persists with a passion. As such, it shouldn't be all that surprising to see the competition between Millennial and Mercury end with the companies merging and becoming one, big, happy family once more. That can be reassuring. It may actually alleviate the tension that emerged from this competition. It can once again be an atmosphere of love and support. That could be very beneficial in the long run. It may be simplistic as well. It's the solution that Maggie brings up with Liza. Everyone can cite some reason for why it couldn't possibly happen. Liza doesn't think Charles and Kelsey would approve it. Meanwhile, Charles contends that the board at Millennial would never finance such a project. And yet, all of those concerns are thrown out of the way to make this family a reality once more. The show is a little vague on the details though. Charles says that Millennial can buy Mercury for only one dollar with him just being an editor for this new imprint. He doesn't want his old job back. The new structure of the company will remain the same. He may actually get back to doing what he loves. He has certainly been more active about the pitches and the content this season. It has also presented as if these two companies were constantly running into each other. If they weren't pursuing the same authors and their new book ideas, then they were bumping into each other during recording sessions for the audiobooks. It's amusing to see Diana becoming the voice of Bronwyn's erotic fiction for an older demographic. But it's also absolutely terrifying to see just how sociopathic Audrey Colbert can be by turning her emotions on and off. Those are fascinating moments that prove that those stories will remain important moving forward. They will just be a part of the same overall company now. So, all of the competition as of late won't actually change anything. It will now benefit everyone in the family and not just Charles. Of course, no one seems to mention who will be liable for the debt Charles has accumulated as a result of trying to finance Mercury by himself. There is a ton of financial burden that Kelsey should be made aware of. Plus, it's unclear how Quinn will react knowing that Millennial doesn't seem to appreciate the help she has done for them. She could easily bail out which could put the entire company in jeopardy once more. That remains a major concern because she's not on good terms with Kelsey. Right now though, the show is more interested in seeing Liza, Charles and Josh get high. It's worth it for the big dance number that shows off Sutton Foster's skills. But it's very weird and bad when it comes to the green screen effects that originally distort Liza's reality. That's not great. Nor should the love triangle be the sole thing that could explain why things don't work out between Liza and Charles. The same was true when Liza was dating Josh. Fear of what could be with Charles should never have been the largest concern for why they shouldn't be a couple. The same has to be applied here now that she's with Charles. It just seems a little uninspired for that to creep into the story to create tension. Liza feels like she has to have one or the other. Even when she makes a choice, she is constantly faced with a decision that needs to be made. Obstacles are natural for any relationship. Maybe Liza and Charles will be on solid ground with this latest move. But it continues to be odd seeing how the show has treated the couple this season.