Friday, August 9, 2019

REVIEW: 'Jett' - Jett Faces Off With Bestic and Charlie During a Fateful and Lethal Confrontation in 'Miljan Bestic'

Cinemax's Jett - Episode 1.09 "Miljan Bestic"

Before a fateful meeting with Bestic, Jett sets in motion a plan to be free of him for good. When the two come face-to-face, Bestic reveals the origins of his feud with Charlie. As the situation becomes increasingly perilous, Jett realizes she's in danger of losing the very thing she holds most dear.

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"Miljan Bestic" was written by Sebastian Gutierrez and directed by Sebastian Gutierrez

The season concludes with an epic confrontation between Jett, Bestic and Charlie. It's a lethal sit-down that is drawn entirely from how well-prepared they all were for the various problems they dealt with this season. Bestic was the one who dictated everything. He was always well-informed about how he was being targeted. As such, he could counter-punch in a way that rendered others powerless to stand up against him. Jett was caught in his trap and beholden to him. She had to pull off jobs for Bestic all while trying to find the leverage necessary to get out of his influence. She was building a beautiful family with Maria, Phoenix and Alice. She needed that safety and security. Things may go awry and get messy quickly. And yet, she knows what she's walking into. Meanwhile, Charlie has been completely oblivious to what has been happening all season long. He thought he was waging one war with a separate criminal element. He was in the dark that all of this conflict was happening behind his back targeting his entire empire. It was only after it was too late that he realized the scope of these betrayals. To hear Bestic tell it, it all stemmed from Charlie's failings as a father. He raised Junior a certain way and that forced him to lash out with reckless behavior that made him susceptible to blackmail. It was fairly easy for Bestic to exact his revenge in this way. He ultimately gets to kill Charlie. Jett doesn't have to pull the trigger. She is stunned in that moment because she prepared for several variables but didn't know that Charlie would once again insert himself into the situation. She thought that she could still mend that relationship. She trusted that he would ultimately forgive her for killing his son. That opportunity isn't given though because Bestic has been waiting for this exact moment. Jett was just the tool he needed in order to lure Charlie into this trap. She is powerless to stop him and so is Bennie. Charlie is dead. And yet, it's not long before Bestic is also killed. He may have been able to pull off another surprise in getting to Alice. But Jett still had the sniper stationed outside that could deliver the fatal shot to Bestic as soon as she signaled him. Sure, there is uncertainty over whether or not he will succeed because he took ecstasy a couple hours before this last minute job. And yet, that complication only allows for the first shot to be a non-fatal injury. That affords Jett the opportunity to actually interrogate Bestic further to figure out what has happened to Alice. She still doesn't get the answers she seeks. Evans has him. That's clear. The situation remains tense because anything could happen to her daughter. She could once again be used as leverage. Or she too could be killed in order to send a powerful message that Jett has to stay loyal to certain people no matter what. That may be Evans' decision to make. Or it could be yet another outside influence that Bestic boasts has truly been pulling the strings all along. That may prove that Charlie has never been the epitome of a criminal overlord. He was wealthy and flaunted it to the extent that he was capable of. It afforded him a nice life of luxury. But he also allowed many things to cloud his judgment. That's not something that others are lucky to have. It's what gets him and Bestic killed. Of course, Jett is also reacting based on her emotions. She still has a logical and rational brain. She is surveying the state of things as she makes her escape from this confrontation. She tells Jackie that Alice is his daughter. That's not a huge surprise. It makes it clear why Jett has always sought to protect him in the present day. It doesn't explain why he always risks his job and life for her though. But it's also compassionate that Jett tells Jackie this news after she gets confirmation that he is still alive. She knew that he was suicidal but respected that that was a decision he had to make by himself. He left it up to chance and got lucky the entire time Jett was at this meeting. And now, he has a reason to live in that he needs to help Jett rescue their daughter. That brings him back to life. It shouldn't be the only thing. Jett didn't want to manipulate him in that way to ensure her own safety in the moment. But now, she needs his help and is grateful that he is still around to give it.