Wednesday, August 14, 2019

REVIEW: 'Younger' - Liza's Scandal Threatens Millennial's Future and Several Relationships in 'Millennial's Next Top Model'

TV Land's Younger - Episode 6.09 "Millennial's Next Top Model"

Millennial deals with the fallout of the Debutante Ball. Liza is pulled into a media frenzy, led by a publicity-hungry Quinn Tyler. Maggie dates against type. Kelsey and Zane reset.

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"Millennial's Next Top Model" was written by Grant Sloss and directed by Jennifer Arnold

Is the show genuinely trying to claim that Liza has more sexual chemistry with Josh than she does with Charles? That's absolutely absurd. It feels like the show is trying to force some drama into the narrative even though things are plenty dramatic at the moment with the complete implosion of Liza's secret. That's what the focus should be. Sure, Josh and Charles can be there for Liza as her support system in different ways. That can be satisfying and unique as well. But the show continues to frame it all in a romantic context. Infinitely 21 is a company that doesn't want to be associated with Liza at first because they see their brand as being youthful and can't work with someone who lied about her age. And yet, Liza gets her big speechifying moment of saying how society is always telling people that we have to look younger. As such, it's empowering to continue this relationship. That just blows up into it being a big deal that Liza will be the star of the company's upcoming ad campaign. Of course, it's a quick turnaround as well. Liza is literally taking the pictures one day and they are already seen around the city by the end of this episode. Sure, Liza doesn't see that this company opted for a picture that also featured Josh in it. That shouldn't be the position in which she is the most comfortable. Her relationship with Josh has been great. It works wonderfully as both friends and lovers. It just feels unnecessary to add to the burden of the current proceedings. That comes shortly after Quinn inserts herself into Millennial once more. She was happy to champion this story for Liza. She was made aware of the details before investing in this company. Quinn came in wanting to make a ton of changes. She has respected the decisions that Kelsey has made from the top. Kelsey has struggled in her role as the publisher for this company. And yet, she has the support of the team that sees this company as a family that needs each other in order to survive. Sure, they may be insulated in a small bubble in New York City. The publishing world may not be the best barometer for how people are generally reacting to Liza's big secret being revealed. The show doesn't even bother to follow up on all of the people from Liza's old life who could marvel at how she managed to pull this off for years. Instead, it's more important to keep it in her current reality. Everyone at Millennial is willing and able to fight for her with the sole exception of Zane. He sees this as a case where she should immediately be fired because she lied to all of them. That's not true though. Kelsey knew the truth for awhile and withheld it from him. He didn't need to know because he barely has a relationship with Liza. This is what Liza wanted when it came to her public standing in this company. But now, everyone is learning about her life. She is out in the open. She is dating Charles and she lied about her age. Now, the company has to deal with the financial burden of this scandal. Quinn was willing to step into the media world to embrace this story and Liza's bravery. And yet, Liza disrupts Quinn's plans by saying that Quinn knew the truth before making this investment. She didn't find out like everyone else. That may disrupt her ambitious Senate campaign. As such, it could be absolutely devastating to the company now that Quinn rescinds her investment. This is something she is also willing and able to do. This is no longer the company that she fell in love with and could respect. Now, she pushes back because she feels slighted by people who won't let her do whatever she wants. She is a toxic individual in that way. And yet, she may still obtain success. She still has the power and influence to build a very successful and luxurious life for herself. Meanwhile, the team at Millennial is once again sent scrambling to come up with the money to keep themselves in business. They have to do that with the entire world looking at them with suspicion over whether or not they can be trusted. The show needs to handle the consequences of this action with extreme care. This episode struggles a little bit without diminishing too much hope that the momentum can arrive to send the show into a very compelling future. It's enough to make Kelsey and Zane be honest about their feelings. More big proclamations like that could happen shortly as well.