Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Casting News - Chris Cooper to Star in Season 2 of 'Homecoming'; '68 Whiskey' Sets Main Cast; Plus 4 More Updates!

Casting News - September 4, 2019

Amazon's Homecoming, Lord of the Rings & The Wheel of Time; FOX's Deputy & The Resident; and Paramount's 68 Whiskey.

  • Will Poulter will play one of the lead roles on the upcoming drama set in the universe of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy novels. He can currently be seen in the horror film Midsommar. He also played a lead role in Black Mirror's interactive special Bandersnatch on Netflix.
  • No details were immediately released about the character he will be playing.
  • Chris Cooper will star opposite Janelle Monáe, Stephan James and Hong Chau in the drama's upcoming second season. He won an Academy Award for his supporting role in the 2002 film Adaptation. He will be seen in the upcoming films Little Women and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.
  • He will play Leonard Geist, an eccentric botanist who is more at home in his greenhouse than in the boardrooms of the company he created.
  • Daniel Henney will co-star on the upcoming drama starring Rosamund Pike. He currently stars in CBS' Criminal Minds, which returns for its fifteenth and final season in 2020. He joined the drama as a series regular at the start of the thirteenth season after previously starring in the two seasons of its spinoff Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.
  • He will play al'Lan Mandragoran, commonly known as Lan or Lord of the Seven Towers, the uncrowned king and only survivor of the royal line of fallen kingdom of Malkier.
  • Sam Keeley, Gage Golightly, Cristina Rodlo, Jeremy Tardy and Nicholas Coombe have been cast in the lead roles on the upcoming dramedy created by Roberto Benabib. Keeley stars in Netflix's upcoming drama The English Game. Golightly has recurred on Amazon's Red Oaks and The CW's iZombie. Rodlo is currently starring in AMC's The Terror: Infamy. Tardy has recurred on Netflix's Dear White People and HBO's Ballers. Coombe starred in ABC's one-season comedy Imaginary Mary.
  • Keeley will play Cooper Roback, a charming Army medic with a hell of an instinct for medicine and a general disdain for Army discipline.
  • Golightly will play Grace Durkin, an administrative assistant in the Army who is both beautiful and street smart; alluring but standoffish. Though she is an important part of the battalion, she has dreams that all take place far from Afghanistan and makes a point not to build any strong personal connections, but she's considering making an exception for Roback.
  • Rodlo will play Sergeant Rosa Alvarez, who went to college on a G.I. bill and, after graduation, trained as a medic so she would have a marketable skill back home. When her father gets deported after an ICE raid, her outlook on defending the country changes.
  • Tardy will play Staff Sergeant Mekhi Davis. Clever and mischievous, he is always looking for a way to get ahead, but would never leave anyone behind. He's a skilled medic, but when duty isn't on the line, he'll happily join Roback's half-baked plans that will surely get the both of them in trouble.
  • Coombe will play Anthony Petrocelli, a young Army Private who is 17-years-old, looks 16 and acts 15. Fresh-faced and gullible, he is a stickler for the rules up until the moment he's included in a plan.
  • Danielle Moné Truitt is set as a series regular on the upcoming drama starring Stephen Dorff. She previously played the lead role in BET's one-season drama Rebel.
  • She will play Deputy Charlie Minnick, who suffers no fools and pulls no punches. A former 8th grade English teacher in the Los Angeles Public School system, she was forever changed when a group of her students lost their lives in a drive-by shooting. This tragedy led her to the doorstep of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Now, 10 years in, she's a Field Training Officer, teaching fresh-faced deputies how to read the streets and serve with compassion and integrity. But she's not going to sugarcoat reality. Lives are on the line out here. Known as the Velvet Hammer, she has managed to avoid the political fray, but all that changes when the new Sheriff's godson, Joseph (Shane Paul McGhie) becomes her trainee, and she is pulled into a battle for the soul of the department - and the future of Los Angeles County. She replaces Siena Goines who played a similar character in the pilot.
  • Kearran Giovanni, Geoffrey Cantor, Michael Paul Chan and Erinn Westbrook have landed recurring roles on the drama's upcoming third season. Giovanni and Chan both starred for all six seasons in TNT's Major Crimes. Cantor has previously recurred on Netflix's Daredevil. Westbrook currently stars in Netflix's Insatiable, which returns for its second season later this year.
  • Giovanni will play Andrea Braydon. Passionate, articulate, smart and fit, she is a fitness teacher who tries to find investors for her supplement product.
  • Cantor will play Zip, Grayson's (Radek Lord) father, a wealthy and successful businessman who is sometimes neurotic and cloying. He plays golf with Bell (Bruce Greenwood) and, after giving him some annoying pointers on his swing, agrees to go into business with him.
  • Chan will play Yee Austin, Austin's (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) adoptive father and co-owner of Yee's Chinese Restaurant. Jovial, a little corny, warm, caring and extremely supportive, he always puts his son first.
  • Westbrook will play Adaku Eze, Mina's (Shaunette Renée Wilson) strong-willed friend with an adventurous spirit.