Wednesday, September 25, 2019

REVIEW: 'Suits' - Harvey and the Rest of the Partners Concoct an Insane Plan to Oust Faye for Good in 'One Last Con'

USA's Suits - Episode 9.10 "One Last Con"

Facing its potential destruction, the partners must go all in to save the firm.

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"One Last Con" was written by Aaron Korsh and directed by Aaron Korsh

It's absolutely hilarious that Suits decides to finish its run by having yet another significant name change at the firm. That has been such a consistent quality across the show's run. The leadership has never been stable. This was a firm constantly in turmoil because of the shady antics its partners were willing to do in order to win. That remains the energy in the series finale. In fact, Harvey and Louis believe that roping everyone into this insane plot that is highly illegal will be the precise action that will finally eliminate Faye from their lives. It may be too crazy and complicated. It seems like the easier solution could have been Harvey and Donna moving to Seattle in order to work alongside Mike and Rachel once more. That's the final conclusion here. They are the ones leaving the firm. It's how Harvey convinces Faye to leave after the partners already executed their insane plan. It's a story that involves switching papers around and suggesting that Katrina is willing to lie on the stand as well as a record being created that makes it seem like Faye was trying to intimidate a witness. It's crazy and nonsensical. But that has always been a significant component of the way this show tells its legal stories. Heading into this finale, it seemed like the firm was completely divided because Harvey and Louis were forced to go against Mike and Samantha. It was silly that they didn't share the nature of the deal they made with Faye. Here, it's perfectly understandable for Mike, Samantha and Zane once they are trusted with it. They know exactly what happened and how to best help the situation moving forward. It creates a precarious future where all of this could blow up in their faces. It may not ensure that Faye leaves for good. But she became so obsessed with Harvey being at the root of all of the firm's problems. She saw his departure as the one thing that would allow her to leave with confidence. That may be true. And yet, it's also important that the partners stick together as a family to fight for what they believe in. Harvey doesn't tell anyone about the deal he strikes with Faye until after the weddings. He has this new job lined up with Mike already. He didn't want it to distract from the victory they just claimed against the special master who came in to ruin their lives. They can be in charge of their own firm once more. It is no longer under attack. Samantha and Katrina can have their old jobs back. In fact, Samantha appears to step in as managing partner. That's a huge step up for her in her career. She has the love and trust of the people she works with. But this finale is much more successful and moving when it simply spends time on these characters and the bonds they have forged over the years. Louis has the understanding that he has come a long way in therapy and may no longer need Stan's ongoing help. He may always need a therapist to tell him how his emotional outbursts are wrong. But he is also trusted to help his friends when they lash out. That is a remarkable achievement. It makes it such a winning journey when he and Sheila get married and have their daughter. This isn't a tragic ending either. There is a brief moment of uncertainty where Sheila has to have unexpected surgery due to some unknown complications. But she and the baby survive. Louis is surrounded by friends at the hospital. It's special. It's also powerful to watch Harvey and Donna commit to each other right away because they don't want to spend any more time apart. The show set this wedding up with the introduction of the engagement ring earlier. And now, it comes to fruition in a way that is simply perfect. A lot of compelling stories have been told at this firm and amongst these friends. The firm continues to change. Katrina becomes a name partner alongside Louis, Alex and Samantha. They don't foresee any more changes in the future. Mike and Harvey are working together again. It's an uplifting ending that showcases how an ending doesn't need to be seen as the conclusion of an entire relationship. Harvey and Donna will remain friends with everyone they leave behind in New York. They are simply moving on to a new chapter in their lives because Mike inspired them. They are all better people because of each other. That is meaningful and proves that these characters will remain engaging no matter what may happen next in their lives. They care about each other and root for each other to succeed even though they may still have to cheat in order to pull off their righteous victories.