Friday, October 25, 2019

REVIEW: 'BoJack Horseman' - Princess Carolyn Struggles with the Burden of Needing to Do It All in 'The New Client'

Netflix's BoJack Horseman - Episode 6.02 "The New Client"

When her nanny quits, Princess Carolyn struggles to balance the demands of work and parenting. Mr. Peanutbutter visits BoJack in rehab.

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"The New Client" was written by Nick Adams and directed by Amy Winfrey

Princess Carolyn is a mother now. That's a huge change for her life. It's so rewarding as well because she has wanted a baby for so long. At times, it felt as if it was destined not to happen for her. She was crushed too many times to get her hopes up again. But now, she has a baby. She is a mother. Unfortunately, that comes with the immediate sense that she has to be perceived as successfully handling it all in her profession. She literally has to present as the poster child for women working effectively in the industry who also happen to be mothers. It's a narrative forced onto an entire gender. It makes it feel like the weight of the world is crashing down on her right now. She doesn't feel like she can do it all. She may simply be walking through her life with no real passion for any specific thing she is doing. It's all about going from one moment to the next. A new life is counting on her to sustain it and nurture it. And yet, she is plagued with doubts about her abilities as a mother. These concerns have always been apparent in her pursuit of a child. She feared that she would be just as disastrous a parent as her own mother. And now, she views herself as a failure because she has to keep her company afloat while caring for her newborn after the nanny quits. She understands that her priority has to be on getting some new help. She can only rely on Todd for so long. Sure, he absolutely steps up to the plate. He can be reliable. He can care for this baby in order to give Princess Carolyn a break from time to time. He may be her go to guy for that specific task. In fact, his pattern of failing upwards only continues to help her in the long run as well. He looks after the baby and even helps her sell a project that manages to salvage a terrible film starring Mr. Peanutbutter. Sure, Birthday Day doesn't sound great. But it may only have to be schedule filler for a network in transition. It can just be a stepping stone to prove to the industry that it can still support the work created by working mothers. Princess Carolyn feels that burden. She understands that it's no longer good enough to prove to the world that she is succeeding while having her own career and a family. It's now expected of her to lift other women up and give them the opportunities the industry rarely provides. She does fulfill that narrative. Everything comes together to ensure that Princess Carolyn's life is fulfilling and rewarding. It can just be exhausting too. Plus, it's important for her to understand that she doesn't need to have everything figured out right now. She doesn't have to be able to do it all. She can afford to make a mistake from time to time. Sure, it's horrifying that she puts her baby in the microwave. That highlights the exhaustion she's feeling at the moment. She may even be taken advantage of at Pastiches when she comes to pick up Mr. Peanutbutter who is annoying BoJack during group therapy. But again, this episode shows that she supports her friends. Even though BoJack has let her down so many times, she still values their friendship and wants to help him be better. She will accept his invitation to visit him at rehab. She wants to be there for him. Her life may be chaotic. She may not be sure she even has love for her child in a way that creates the healthiest environment. However, she simply has to commit to it all. It will be stressful and difficult. It will be rewarding too. She finally gets to be with Ruthie. She can commit to the future she has long envisioned for her family. That is such a powerful but subtle moment. It articulates perfectly that Princess Carolyn has received what she always deserved in her life. She is caring for a baby. She has love for her and will only open her heart further to the world around her. The characters accepting the misfortunes of their pasts can help all of them move forward as well. Princess Carolyn supports so many but her clients always give back to her too. And now, BoJack is the only one with the sane advice about how Mr. Peanutbutter's guilt will only continue to boil up and be released in unexpected ways if he doesn't do something quickly. The relationships have really matured quick a bit and highlight a willingness to reach out and help whenever necessary.