Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Development News - Gaby Hoffmann and Hadley Robinson Join HBO's Untitled Los Angeles Lakers Pilot

Development News - October 2, 2019

HBO's Untitled Los Angeles Lakers Project.

  • Gaby Hoffmann and Hadley Robinson have joined the cast of the drama pilot starring Jason Clarke and John C. Reilly. Hoffman previously starred for four seasons in Amazon's Transparent as well as its recent musical series finale. Robinson recurs on Amazon's upcoming drama Utopia.
  • Hoffmann will play Claire Rothman, the general manager of the Forum - the first and only female manager of any major-market sports arena. She uses her searing intelligence and emotional endurance to thrive in the misogynistic world of professional sports.
  • Robinson will play Jeanie Buss, the daughter of Lakers owner Jerry Buss (Reilly). Ambitious, smart and eager to prove herself as competent as the men around her, she weighs the competing influences of her role models to forge her own identity as a businesswoman.