Monday, October 7, 2019

REVIEW: 'Lodge 49' - A Journey to Mexico is Full of Unexpected Reunions and Laughs in 'Le Rêve Impossible'

AMC's Lodge 49 - Episode 2.09 "Le Rêve Impossible"

In a foreign land, the Lynx search for the Grail and Ernie embraces his fate. Janet pulls Liz into a scheme. Blammo.

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"Le Rêve Impossible" was written by Andy Siara and directed by Jake Schreier

The world is full of wondrous and unexpected connections. Everyone believes it's astonishing that they all happen to be gathered in Guadalajara, Mexico. They all came down here for the same reason. Their pursuit of the scrolls comes across as the only thing they can do in order to have some control over their lives. It's an eye-opening experience for Dud and Liz. They agree that they need to travel more. They can do so completely independent of the lodge as well. Their love permeates throughout all of the uncertainty of life. They will always have each other. That will forever be constant. It's nice to imagine a vacation to a national park. That's a nice way to get away and seem as if they are in control. Dud doesn't want to worry about his mounting hospital bills especially when he is away in Mexico. Of course, all of the problems back home in Long Beach don't just disappear because the characters have fled the country. Janet's financial misdeeds still eventually catch up to her. The police are there at the auction to arrest her as soon as they are given that opportunity. She may have left the country in the pursuit of a potential solution to her problems. However, she still finds the exact same fate. This isn't a vacation for her. This is business. She needs all of this to work. Because of her impure motives though, she doesn't get to bask in the celebration of retrieving the scrolls. That is a crucial element of this episode. However, it shouldn't come at the expense of these characters and what they are hoping to achieve and fulfill along the way. The journey is so much more important than figuring out how to manipulate Bitcoin with the secrets on the scrolls. Instead, it's a miraculous journey where everyone seems to survive impossible fates while also embracing the perfect paths for their lives. Sure, it seems like the show is coming to a close in a way that may provide closure to the characters should AMC not renew the drama for another season. But it's also just a glorious adventure where the audience gets to enjoy the time spent with these people. It's delightful to watch Paul Giamatti be so boastful as L. Marvin Metz even though he can't do everything that Tom Stone can do. He wants to believe he is this incredible and influential writer. However, he has fallen on hard times where he simply has to yell at his agent from time to time. It feels like everything is ending in disaster for him. He may not be able to follow the same process as he always has. Clara easily seduces him and he falls prey to her temptation. It's a burst of sexual energy that explodes throughout the entire hotel. He gets that pleasure. Meanwhile, Scott once again gets shot miraculously in order to prevent him from achieving the same thing. Scott may still be holding onto the idea that he is married until the government officially declares his union with Connie dead. He doesn't want to do anything that can be perceived as a bad action because he believes bad karma will then find him. It does in the form of a bullet even though it's merely a scratch. It's a few hours in the emergency room. It's nothing more than that. But it also highlights how Scott is the man who stresses out too much in this world and that never works out for him. That's tragic in its own way. Connie has found a new connection with Clara that is more vital than anything she previously had with Ernie or Scott. It's meaningful that they can just escape this mission to find their own peace elsewhere. That has to be fitting as well. Not everyone should feel the pressure to remain absolutely focused on the task at hand. People need to embrace the fact that life will constantly throw people curveballs. That is a simple truth about life.

Dud wasn't expecting to run into his sister while in Mexico. He saw this as a chance for him and his lodge friends to bond while also retrieving the scrolls. And yet, she is in the hotel pool with him. They reunite under water. It's perfectly fitting for their family as well. The water has always meant so much to both of them as well as their parents. And now, it causes each other to celebrate. It is so random. Liz knew Dud was here but it was unlikely that he brought a phone charger with him. Dud is completely stunned. It all just presents as fate that they all happen to be gathered at the hotel where the auction is going to take place. They are all holding onto hope that the scrolls are still in Larry's duffle bag that he lost in a bet. It may seem improbable. However, it's the lead that is worth pursuing at the moment. But again, it shouldn't come at the expense of enjoying the adventure amongst friends. Lamar's favorite restaurant in Guadalajara may not be what everyone was expecting. However, it's just a delight to see him engage in a food eating contest with Liz. That is so random but so joyous as well. That's the energy that these characters embrace. It's what they want out of life. Sure, they place bets on the contest. However, that's the way in which they build camaraderie. This ultimately has to be a bonding experience. Sure, Liz may not ultimately be swayed to join the lodge. But she knows her worth and exactly how to prove it to the rest of the world. None of this ultimately means anything to her. She is along for the ride. That means showing up a man who boasts that he is the best. He clearly isn't. That's wonderful to watch. It's equally delightful when the auction actually does take place. In that moment, everything becomes serious with Lamar needing to win the bag. It seems doubtful based on how high everything else in the collection is selling. And yet, no one else is interested in the bag outside of an anonymous bidder. That may not mean anything in the moment because the folks from Lodge 49 are on site. They won't let anything persuade them against completing this mission. Sure, it means they are constantly tempting fate as well. Genevieve does a tremendous job in distracting the entire room and then disappearing shortly thereafter. She remains an enigma who can never easily be explained. But she starts a fire and Ernie bravely jumps through the hole in the wall. That's insane and terrifying. He is now a man with no fear. He will boldly journey through the world with full acceptance that anything can happen so long as he remains open to it. He sees inspiration when a mariachi band walks through the hotel. That isn't that random. He is in Mexico after all. He sees it as a powerful sign though because of El Confidente's paintings. He projects greater meaning onto it. And yes, it is fun to see Ernie constantly dressed as a mariachi. He has fought against it for so long. Now, he embraces that identity. It's because of that loving embrace felt by everyone that they are ultimately victorious in their mission. They find the scrolls and get to keep them. Sure, Lamar doesn't know how to fly a plane. He almost gets people killed. And yet, Dud and Ernie survive that venture. They are miraculously reunited with Scott, Blaise, Connie and Clara as well. Again, all of this has the potential of seeming too convenient and forced. But that's just the way this show embraces its storytelling. No one truly knows the many ways humanity is connected. There are random people who also happen to be in Mexico. It's unclear exactly what it all means. However, it ensures a captivating journey full of delightful details that embrace storytelling at its finest in this narrative.