Sunday, October 20, 2019

REVIEW: 'On Becoming a God in Central Florida' - Krystal Finally Gets Leverage Over Obie in 'Go Getters Gonna Go Getcha'

Showtime's On Becoming a God in Central Florida - Episode 1.10 "Go Getters Gonna Go Getcha"

Krystal helps Judd out of a jam. Cody finds himself pulled in two directions. Bets puts her foot down. Buck and Pat see an opportunity.

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"Go Getters Gonna Go Getcha" was written by Robert Funke, Matt Lutsky & Esta Spalding and directed by Charlie McDowell

The season concludes with Krystal beating Obie. That has been her grand ambition since the very beginning. She lost Travis and had this vendetta against FAM that was driving her forward. Along the way, her motivation has shifted. It's more about personal fulfillment than taking down a corrupt institution. Krystal hurt people. She got Ernie involved in FAM which has disrupted his family significantly. Bets finally confronts Krystal about that. The second half of the season truly did forget that Krystal and Ernie are next door neighbors who were always friendly and relied on each other. Even though they were both working for FAM, they had two completely separate tracks in this industry. For Ernie, it's one of destruction. He isn't welcomed back home. He wants to believe that he can simply win over Bets through a grand romantic gesture. It may not be that easy. However, Bets may want this relationship to work because she still has so much love and affection for her husband. They have to put in the work to get back what was lost. Right now, Bets is simply lashing out at the world. She is in a similar position to what Krystal was experiencing at the start of the season. And yet, Bets hasn't lost her husband. She can still enjoy their life together once the relationship is mended. With Krystal, she doesn't know if she can express love anymore. She doesn't love Cody. She keeps him around in order to feel less alone. She lets her love for her daughter drive her forward in everything that she does. That is more important than anything else. As such, she is more than willing to allow hundreds of people to still be abused by FAM so long as she gets what she wants. Of course, her demand from Obie is constantly shifting as well. It all comes back to how much she aspires to have in this world. Does she just want to be financially stable and comfortable? Or does she want the recognition that some of her entrepreneurial spirit is valid? She got confirmation from Stan that she would have been a good manager at the water park. However, everyone is right to note just how poor a business model it would be to throw more money into a water park right next door to Disney World. That doesn't seem like a wise investment. And yet, it's what Krystal goes for in the end when she gets her leverage over Obie. Of course, it seems like the finale is constantly shifting what exactly the final outcome of all of this will be. At first, it's Krystal fearing the repercussions for helping Judd kidnap his daughter. They escape to a potentially better life in Texas even though FAM seems to be following them. And then, Krystal is confident she can leverage Judd's confession for $20,000. Meanwhile, Roger reassures her that she too can be inspirational and should have a loyal following willing to do whatever she asks. He has lost his faith in Obie. That's a sudden character turn though. It's one that could be based in deceit because he has disarmed Krystal of her weapon. And yet, Roger still ends up dead largely because Cody is irresponsible with his gun. He does get it back from Pat. That just gives him the opportunity to accidentally kill Roger. That too presents itself as an opportunity to Krystal. She is constantly thinking through the next best plan for her. She has that spirit that is always planning something. It's a survival instinct that she has had to mold from years of struggle. Cody doesn't know what to do in any situation. He just instinctively believes that Krystal will be good for him no matter how many times she pushes him away with declarations of disgust. They are still a duo in the end. It just comes from them lording their power over Obie. They use that just to get Krystal installed as manager at the water park. She wants that in order to have financial security. Again, that may not last. She is only planning for the immediate future. She doesn't always think things through. That mostly means that Obie is still out there with a personal grudge against Krystal that he needs to act on. That is an intriguing tease at the end of the season. But again, it mostly confirms to the audience that the show has nothing new to say about multi-level marketing schemes. The people caught up in them are hoping for individual success. However, those who actually do succeed are selfish and ruthless. Krystal has the right instincts. She just has to endure a lot in order to get some sense that she is a winner in life. That may not be worth all the effort in the end.