Saturday, October 5, 2019

REVIEW: 'Raising Dion' - Nicole and Pat Grow Closer While Dion Trains with Charlotte in 'ISSUE #106: Super Friends'

Netflix's Raising Dion - Episode 1.06 "ISSUE #106: Super Friends"

Nicole gets reacquainted with an old passion. Charlotte offers to take Dion under her wing. Pat gets some unexpected news at work.

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"ISSUE #106: Super Friends" was written by Michael Poisson and directed by Dennis Liu

When Nicole discovers all of Mark's secret research, there is a big highlighted section wondering if BIONA was responsible for the events that took place in Iceland. That was his concern that fueled a whole lot of his secrecy. Of course, he was withholding a lot during his final years of life. He trusted the company he worked for to provide him with access to the research that could help inform his research. However, he also worried about what this company was capable of. And now, the show is making it clear that BIONA is keeping a close eye on Dion and his family because they see him as the potential key that unlocks everyone they are looking to achieve. That's a thought that Dion and Esperanza have in the middle of their science class. It seems innocuous until it isn't. Dion saw the Crooked Man outside his window the night prior. That's where all the terror should be coming from at the moment. It's what has Charlotte constantly on the run. However, Dion also finds himself worrying about the company his father worked for. The audience should now have those same concerns. The show is very much forcing the viewer to have those doubts. There isn't a whole lot of nuance to the situation. The secret lab has changed since the last time Pat was down there. The surveillance of those with powers is no longer present. Now, it's entirely about the environmental destruction currently happening in Iceland. This event that gave people powers is now destroying the local ecosystem. BIONA is trying to find a way to reverse the effects. They want to believe that whatever happened to the dying wolf may also help them figure out what to do next. All signs clearly point back to Dion and his ability to literally save the world. That's a terrifying prospect because he is still a child. The narrative wants him to be growing up much more quickly than anyone else his age. Sure, that means he is much more willing to be nice and friendly towards Esperanza now. However, he also sees Charlotte as the mean lady who isn't using her powers to be a superhero. To him, powers mean you have to use them as either a hero or villain. Charlotte simply views these abilities as the thing that placed a target on her back. She is on the run and has been effective at hiding because of them as well. And now, she is tasked with training Dion so that he also has the proper instincts when he faces off with the Crooked Man again. Teleportation may be key. However, that is a power that has refused to unlock itself following his almost tragic run in with a vehicle. He doesn't want to scare his mom like that ever again. That's his predominate focus. He is concerned about how she'll react. And yes, her reaction is valid and vital to the proceedings. Of course, her corner of the show mostly presents as all the things a parent has to be willing to sacrifice in order to care for their child. She has all of these dreams of dancing. She feels powerful on the stage once more. She has the freedom to express herself. She gets that support. It's just comes with the sense that she can only unburden herself by allowing Dion a little bit of freedom to train with Charlotte. That too can be terrifying because she doesn't know what will happen. It may be nice and simple with Pat. However, the show may be forcing them into a romantic context. That is a little sudden though not completely out of the blue. People have mentioned it to her before. They are close because of their need to protect Dion. They are allies in trying to learn what Mark uncovered about his powers and BIONA. But it also may just be a twist to ensure that the personal connection amongst these characters continues to grow leading up to the finale where that will all be placed on the line. Romance is an effective way to do that. It just didn't necessarily have to be the only way to ensure these bonds remained personal and complicated.