Monday, October 21, 2019

Amazon Announces Premiere Date for New Drama 'The Feed' Starring David Thewlis and Michelle Fairley

Amazon has today announced the premiere date for the upcoming original drama series The Feed starring David Thewlis and Michelle Fairley.

All 10 episodes will be available on Friday, November 22.

In the near future, a high-tech implant connects our minds to "The Feed." Every interaction, emotion and memory can be shared instantly. Tom and Kate are a young couple trying to resist their addiction to tech. Tom's father, Lawrence, invented "The Feed" and his mother, Meredith, is the CEO overseeing its daily operation. When strange and violent things begin to happen to its users, Tom must do all he can to protect his wife and baby daughter from his father's twisted creation. The drama tells a very human story about survival, family and the lengths that you would go to protect the ones you love.

In addition to Thewlis and Fairley, the drama stars Guy Burnet, Nina Toussaint-White, Jeremy Neumark Jones, Clare-Hope Ashitey, Osy Ikhile, Shaquille Ali-Yebuah, Chris Reilly and Jing Lusi.

Channing Powell created the drama based on the novel by Nick Clark Windo. She executive produces with Susan Hogg and Sara Murray. Carl Tibbetts, Jill Robertson, Misha Manson Smith and Colin Teague direct the first season. Studio Lambert, Liberty Global and All3Media International produce.