Sunday, November 17, 2019

REVIEW: 'Batwoman' - Sophie Grows Closer to Revealing the Truth About Batwoman's Identity in 'Tell Me the Truth'

The CW's Batwoman - Episode 1.07 "Tell Me the Truth"

Kate and Sophie must reconcile with their past as Kate questions just how much she can trust her former lover. Kate and Luke have an encounter with an old friend. Mary grapples with the fate of the Kane family as Catherine seeks Jacob's help. Alice and a new cohort are in on yet another nefarious plan, but her motives are more than they seem.

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"Tell Me the Truth" was written by Caroline Dries & Natalie Abrams and directed by Michael Allowitz

Kate looks to Bruce Wayne for guidance on how to serve as Gotham's caped crusader. Every episode features her dictating the various things she learns and experiences about this new responsibility. She wonders how he was able to live his life this way. She laments just how isolating it is. That doesn't fit with her personality. She has always been outspoken and proud of who she is. It's powerful to watch but it leaves her incredibly conflicted about her role as Gotham's hero. She feels the importance of being Batwoman. She has to save Gotham from the ongoing threats from Alice. However, she fears that the burden will be too much for anyone else to carry. Luke had to work his way into being her technical support. Meanwhile, Sophie has rightfully suspected that Batwoman is Kate. And yet, it's been agonizing for Kate to keep that secret because she wants to believe they can have love and trust once more. That's what she wants from this relationship. However, she also sees Sophie's conflicted nature and her blind loyalty to Jacob. He was the one who saved her military career. Sophie has so much gratitude for all the opportunities Jacob has given to her. She honors the chain of command in telling him about her suspicions. Kate feared that that could be so destructive to her world. She has to keep Sophie and Jacob in check. Trying to manage that though only closes her off further. Mary wants the reassurance that she isn't the only one struggling following the implosion of their family unit. She has lost a sibling and a stepfather. She only has her mother who is way too controlling. Mary enjoys life when she is free and can relax comfortably into a relationship with Kate. But Kate remains elusive. Her anger towards Catherine may be justified. And yet, Mary is endearing because she just wants to connect. It's healthy for Kate to embrace that by the conclusion of this hour. Sure, it may still be rife with drama because Mary is also in the dark about Kate's secret. Kate has relied on Mary's skills in the field just as much as any of her other allies as Batwoman. However, Mary doesn't want to know. It's not important to her. For those who also wish to protect the city though, they need to know who is earning the support of the people and making it seem like they are no longer effective at their jobs. That fuels the urgency for Kate to prevent an alternate theory to Sophie about Batwoman's identity. She feels it's necessary to do so. It probably isn't. It's her simply trying to do what's best to protect the woman she loves from more danger. She doesn't want to hurt Sophie any more. That just means it's easier to cut off all emotional connections instead of being honest. Luke tells her to be genuine. She doesn't listen to the advice. It may be the right decision. Sophie proves that she may not be trustworthy because of her willingness to always go to Jacob. She is putting others in compromising positions as well. Tyler has been completely in the dark about Sophie's past and her current romantic turmoil. She wants to be with Kate but has no idea how to truly accept that part of herself. She doesn't have the bold acceptance that Kate has long had. It's difficult for her because of her upbringing. That's why she had to embrace the military so fiercely. She needed that purpose and that appreciation. She has so much love thanks to Jacob. However, that is all revealed to be a sham here with Mouse appearing as Jacob while the actual Crows leader is out of town. Meanwhile, Kate creates a convenient ruse to ensure she and Batwoman are seen at the same place at the same time. Sure, it's incredibly forced because Kate doesn't have a valid way to do that until one just magically presents herself here. Julia Pennyworth appears with the same skills as Kate. She can put on the suit and be a convincing Batwoman even though that puts her in harm's way immediately. Kate is more than willing to take that risk simply because it seems easy. Nothing in this world is though. That too is an ugly truth. Kate makes these bold choices and hopes that they are the right ones. And yet, there is the sinking certainty that they will probably explode in her face at some point simply because Alice continues to gather all the weapons she needs for her mad tea party.