Wednesday, November 6, 2019

REVIEW: 'Chicago Fire' - Severide Receives Transfer Paperwork After Dealing with a Hostage Situation in 'Welcome to Crazytown'

NBC's Chicago Fire - Episode 8.07 "Welcome to Crazytown"

Severide must make a tough decision about the future of his career at Firehouse 51. Herrmann deals with the consequences of his temper after a run-in with a Chicago police officer. Cruz is excited to demonstrate the Slamigan at the Firefighting Expo. Commissioner Grissom returns.

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"Welcome to Crazytown" was written by Andrea Newman & Michael Gilvary and directed by Carl Seaton

If Severide could no longer serve as the lieutenant for Squad 3, then he could build a perfectly respectable and happy career investigating arson cases. Every season has seemingly featured multiple stories of him getting a gut reaction to some dangerous fire that Firehouse 51 has responded to. He investigates further and eventually solves the case. In fact, the show wants to empower all of its first responders by always being willing to dig deeper and examine more closely. It's ultimately a profession about reaching out to the best of humanity and seeing the clues that make up the daily lives of total strangers. That compassion is necessary. It's a vital tool alongside the strength to do this job. It means Casey and Severide feel the pressure to rappel down a building to save a woman being held hostage by an ex-girlfriend. But it's also the trust that their friends will anchor them and fling water into the apartment when the situation grows more dire. That teamwork is absolutely key in succeeding at this job. It's a culture that Boden has cultivated so well at 51. People have come in targeting the way that he leads things. However, none of those complaints have ultimately stuck. Things may have been uncertain for a time. They are surely looking like they will again. However, there is always the reassurance that comes from the audience knowing that this firehouse will always be safe and protected. Some characters may die from time to time. It's a dangerous and risky job after all. But the support extended by everyone in the house helps everyone get through even the most traumatic and emotional experiences. And now, there appears to be a new attempt to disrupt the nature of this workplace. Casey, Severide and Boden have been the leaders of this firehouse since the beginning of the series. Herrmann was recently promoted and given new responsibilities as well. Meanwhile, the paramedics always prove that they are just as heroic and vital to the firehouse too. However, Severide may be forced into transferring to OFI. Again, he has long been seen as a vital tool for fire investigations. He has instincts that simply can't be taught. Sure, they may remind him of how similar he is to his father. However, he has done his best to overcome those emotional shortcomings to do the work to the best of his abilities. He is happy with his command of Squad 3. He has no plans of leaving 51. The choice may not be his though. That is unsettling. It makes it seem like he has no control over his fate despite the respect he has throughout the city. This may be the best place for him to serve though. His eye may catch something that could be overlooked by someone else not working on these cases. The show presents an urgency to the situation. A backlog of open cases can be absolutely crushing especially for the survivors who endured all of the brutal details of these traumatic events. Everything works out in the hostage situation at the top of the hour. It's intense for a couple of minutes. Things are precarious as a gun is once more pointed at Casey and Severide. However, everything works out for the best. It just makes all of this seem like a trade off for Severide because he puts his friends above himself. Herrmann may not be deserving of that. His temper has always gotten him into trouble. Sure, blame can be placed on both sides as to how this altercation intensified. It's insane that Herrmann sees it as not a big deal though. He refuses to accept any responsibility and ultimately doesn't have to deal with any of the consequences. He should feel lucky. But that may just enable him to further lead the way he always has. The show can talk him up as an inspirational figure. He certainly has been that from time to time. However, his actions get him into trouble more often than finding creative solutions out of them. Severide is willing to help Herrmann though. It just means Firehouse 51 will have to function without him for a little bit. That will take an adjustment period. But it should be fascinating to see if it remains temporary. Again, Severide could feel right at home in this section of the fire department as well.