Friday, November 1, 2019

REVIEW: 'Jack Ryan' - Jack Goes Rogue to Uncover New Clues to the Conspiracy in London in 'Dressed to Kill'

Amazon's Jack Ryan - Episode 2.04 "Dressed to Kill"

Relieved of duty in Venezuela, Jack follows a new trail to London and seeks the help of MI5, only to discover the man he's after is also after him. Back in Venezuela, Reyes makes Gloria an offer.

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"Dressed to Kill" was written by Graham Roland & Nolan Dunbar and directed by Andrew Bernstein

Jack Ryan is effective as an analyst. He functions as an action hero as well throughout this story. The show wants the ability to have him running across rooftops and jumping from building to building in pursuit of the man who killed his friend. But it's also just as important for this story to note that his efforts are reckless and compromise the ability of the United States to conduct its diplomacy throughout the world. He has become a rogue actor. He isn't continuing his investigation in London with any kind of official support or clearance. Sure, he has his expenses taken care of by a powerful Senator who sympathizes with the loss he has just endured. And yet, Jack's dogged determination may actually create even more dangerous and perilous situations for him moving forward. Greer and Mike even lament together that Jack is an acquired taste that they have both grown exhausted by as of late. He literally leaves a severed finger in the fridge. Sure, they still rely on the information he has gathered. Greer will still follow up on his leads in Venezuela. That showcases that the work is still being done in an effective way even though Jack isn't personally there to steer the ship. He can trust his government and the loyal civil servants who conduct these investigations around the world. He is determined to prove that President Reyes was responsible for killing Senator Moreno. However, he may only be able to prove that another rogue element is operating within Venezuela that is using satellite technology to more effectively mine the resources of the country. That's the technology being developed and shipped in mysterious containers. That's why a satellite was launched in the South China Sea that first alerted Greer's suspicions. Of course, it's important to see that Reyes has access to such a satellite feed that immediately provides him with the skills to track down the American soldiers who are operating on his soil. A deadly threat is coming their way. They still haven't found Marcus either. He is trapped in the jungle with no way to navigate this uncertain world. Matice is coming for him. However, it continues to present as one giant mystery. Again, that is the overwhelming focus for the season. It's a massive puzzle that has to be solved. There are episodic interests that work from time to time. This episode immediately provides resolution for why Max hits a gay club and seduces a man. He uses that in order to create a diversion after fearing that his identity is about to be compromised. However, it's still hard to feel overly investigated in this ongoing concern. Jack needs to catch this guy because he has tried to kill him twice. Harry is along for the ride. But she doesn't really present as offering much of vital interest to the proceedings. Of course, it's still a big deal when Max realizes that Jack and Harry are working together in London. The stakes of what's going on in Venezuela aren't simply contained to South America. The interests of one country have ramifications throughout the globe. That's the world everyone is currently living in. All it takes is the right interests to align in order to create chaos and destruction in a specifix corner of the world ripe for it. President Reyes is determined to stay in power. He needs another six years in order to fully fulfill whatever he has planned for the country. Gloria may not be willing to accept his offer. And yet, he is used to intimidating and threatening his way into getting exactly what he wants. She may have a new ally in Greer. However, his protection and possible answers as to what happened to her husband may not guarantee any kind of stable future for Venezuela. All of this needs to have grand consequences because the fate of an entire region is at stake. That precarious nature of the story seems underdeveloped at this point. But again, it's impressive and tense to watch as Jack pursues Max across London rooftops only for him to eventually get away by jumping into the river. That can only be seen as a momentary thrill though and not one that can be sustained across the longterm story interests.