Tuesday, November 5, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Resident' - Devon Worries About a Decision While Bell Saves Lives After a Plane Crash in 'Choice Words'

FOX's The Resident - Episode 3.05 "Choice Words"

After a plane crashes in Atlanta, Devon is overcome by guilt at the thought that he could have prevented the tragedy. Bell, who was a passenger on the plane, makes it his personal mission to save the life of the man seated next to him. Adaku returns to ask Mina a big favor. Austin struggles with telling his parents about meeting his biological father. Conrad and Nic consider risking it all to investigate a drug that might be linked to Jessie's death.

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"Choice Words" was written by Marc Halsey and directed by Edward Ornelas

This show has long been interested in exploring the bureaucracy of the current health care system. It may be an institution prone to corruption. People should have trust in the science. However, the experimentation all too often masks truly dangerous side effects. Doctors may come across as intelligent and pompous individuals who speak down to people who don't understand the serious natures of their conditions. It can be a life-changing experience. There is a certain urgency to that as well. These doctors need to intervene in order to save as many lives as possible. This season is curiously exploring when is the proper point to intervene in the hopes of making a difference. Are they only efficient and effective after the damage has already been done? Or should they be willing to tear past the red tape to sound the alarms now on a dangerous product of the system? Conrad has increasingly come across as a man who believes that the ends always justify the means. That has created a fair amount of tension between him and Devon. In fact, it seems like Devon makes decisions now in opposition to how Conrad conducts himself on the job. That too is startling. In the past, the audience has always been able to trust the medical judgment for both of these characters. They would call out corruption when they saw it. They would work together to fix a broken system because it's important for people within hospitals to be outspoken critics of the policies and actions in place. Devon is faced with a dilemma here. He knows that an airplane pilot was flying drunk. He weighs the burden of report him to the FAA over reaching out to him over the potential severity of his actions. It seems like he has made the wrong decision. The staff at Chastain operate with the understanding that this pilot was responsible for a plane crash that occurs. Bell is the hero of that story because he saves lives after the crash occurs. He does so at risk of his own personal health. However, Devon's former patient wasn't the pilot. In fact, this crash helps him realize that he needs to get help because he has an addiction. He can't allow some tragedy like this to occur when he is the one in charge of so many lives. That would be irresponsible of him. Of course, Devon walks around with clarity on his decision long before he gets that reassurance that he wasn't directly responsible for this tragedy. He does so because he understands the importance of privacy for their patients. It's his job to treat the man and give him every tool necessary so that he can get the help he needs. It may not be enough. Tragedy may still occur because people refuse to listen to their doctors. Conrad and Devon's patient wants to be released against medical advice because she is cynical about the belief that any doctor can help her after seeing so many specialists. It just takes the right person to see what is truly going on in order to make a revolutionary impact. Conrad and Devon help this woman and present her with a life full of choices now. That's the best thing they can do for her. Devon helps the pilot as well. It's very uplifting despite the severity of this mass casualty event. But it also highlights how Conrad is losing his way and willing to blow past any regulations in the hopes that it can help him prove his ultimate point. He doesn't trust one drug that was given to Jessie and the other dialysis patients who have died. He is driven by this issue. He won't let Nic jeopardize her career. But he is more than willing to put his own in danger. That's an action that should carry a ton of risk to it. Right now, the show is setting up an inevitable fall for Conrad because of how sanctimonious he is with his actions. It is important to fight back against people in power who believe they are too big to fail. Kitt stays at Chastain because of the people even though she is antagonized by Cain. That's a competition that may put patients at risk. That may be at the heart of every hospital. It's important to prioritize patient care over the profits. Cain may have his priorities backwards. That's dangerous and continues to create an unsettling narrative for the season.