Saturday, December 14, 2019

REVIEW: 'Runaways' - Nico Searches for a Way to Save Alex Without Giving Morgan What She Wants in 'Left-Hand Path'

Hulu's Runaways - Episode 3.07 "Left-Hand Path"

The Runaways learn the true threat they - and the rest of the world - face from their new nemesis Morgan.

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"Left-Hand Path" was written by Tracy McMillan & Kendall Rogers and directed by Katie Eastridge

Nico is carrying the burden of leaving Alex behind in the Dark Dimension. She views herself as solely responsible for that action. Morgan has certainly been manipulating events in order to rise to power once more though. She truly is to blame. She has been so efficient in making this world bend to her will. She has a coven of witches more than willing to follow her every order. It means the Runaways are facing numerous threats that they don't entirely understand at the moment. Molly just wants the freedom of confiding in new friend Bodhi. She is defeated because she almost lost control when attacking her friends and wanting to kill Leslie. It should be freeing that someone is so completely accepting of her abilities. Instead, he too is revealed to be working for the coven. That may prove that the coven has been keeping a close eye on every former member of Pride and their various interests in the world. Sure, the show has absolutely struggled to keep Geoffrey as an engaging character. He is one of the parents still left standing in a season that is seemingly killing off plenty of them. Janet has shifted to a new form of existence as a computer virus. Catherine was killed in prison. And now, Robert dies trying to protect his family from Morgan. The Minoru family is actually quite powerful together when they embrace the bonds that keep them strong and resilient. Nico wanted to embark on this mission all by herself. She saw getting close to Morgan as the only reasonable path forward to rescuing Alex. Again, that is her priority at the moment. The rest of the Runaways may have their concerns elsewhere. They are more focused on spreading the world that the new Wizard phones are actually making people incredibly violent. When they post that initial video, it is scrubbed completely from the Internet. That's impossible according to Janet and Victor. Of course, they have the resources to back up the claims the children are making. Morgan may just be inviting chaos into the world. That may be her grand ambition. She views herself as hell personified. She will kill whomever stands in her way. The season has established that there is some grand history between her and Tina. As such, that makes Morgan's desire to control Nico significant even though it remains shrouded in mystery. The show should properly explain what happened between Tina and Morgan in the past. The season also reveals that Tina is a witch and not just powerful because of the Staff. That was certainly how she operated during the first two seasons. It was then meaningful when she gave that power away to Nico. That could have damned her in the long run. But now, it's clear that the show wishes to elevate both of them so that they have the potential of being on equal footing with their new enemy. Of course, Morgan's influence and power is too strong at the moment. As soon as Robert picks up her book of spells, she can sense it and heads in to kill him. He has served her purpose. Nico could be just as expendable. All Morgan truly wants is the Staff. She certainly doesn't need it. And so, it has to be important for some reason. It does call forth the titular characters from Cloak & Dagger at the end of this hour. That immediately presents Nico with new allies who can help her rescue her friends once more. That is the urgency of the situation at the moment. It also helps the narrative once again isolate Nico as she fears that she is all alone in this endeavor. She isn't. The characters just have to get their priorities straight because rescuing Alex is a mission worth investing in despite the horrors that may be constantly happening to him in the Dark Dimension. He may not be the same. None of them may be. However, it's worth taking on this fight. Nico takes Karolina's advice here by searching for another way to save Alex. It has the potential of working too. However, it may also guarantee future disaster because these bonds of friendship are much more fragile than they were before. That is tragic for Karolina and Nico because their love has always been the best defined relationship in the entire show.