Friday, December 6, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' - Midge and Susie Get Easily Distracted in Las Vegas in 'Panty Pose'

Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Episode 3.03 "Panty Pose"

Rose and Abe move into less than desirable new digs. Midge struggles with her act as Shy's tour kicks off. Joel and Mei spark a connection.

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"Panty Pose" was written by Daniel Palladino and directed by Daniel Palladino

Everything in this world is fast-paced. Things happen quickly even when the characters don't want them to. They don't always have the time to process everything that is happening either. Yes, Abe and Rose are still critical of Midge's career choice. They still belittle what she is choosing to do even though she is the one family member actually making money at the moment. Abe and Rose are forced to move out of the family apartment they have lived in for Midge's entire life. That hits Midge hard. She feels like she has to deliver a proper sendoff to the apartment. Instead, she is left having to plan things for the upcoming tour while chasing her children around who simply don't appreciate the significance of this moment. She is critical of her children and mostly sees them as props to cart around. She has a schedule for who will take care of them during the tour. She is prepared in that way. Things will grow more complicated with Rose and Abe moving in with Moishe and Shirley. That almost seems too farcical. It's as if they are in the more traditional sitcom version of this story where hijinks will frequently occur. That's not inherently a bad thing because those characters are all amusing. The show just brings genuine emotion to the proceedings when it comes to Midge and Susie navigating their rising careers. The hour starts with Susie being intimidated by Harry Drake once more. He is laying out his contract with Sophie Lennon and how he'll own everything she does for the next five and a half years. Even the one loophole Susie can find doesn't seem all that enticing. Sophie dreams of being on Broadway. She hopes her new manager can finally make that a reality for her. Of course, it seems like she too is fixated on Susie also managing Midge and may be distracted because she's juggling two clients by herself. Susie doesn't have an army of lawyers at her disposal. She doesn't even have employees. It's a one-woman operation. She has a fighting spirit that is very enticing to the performers who want to work with her. She has achieved a lot of success with Midge. People are around her to help her cope with her first flight. It's actually a thrilling experience once they land in Las Vegas. Midge and Susie can lose time gambling on the casino floor. That may be too much fun for them even though they don't understand the rules of every game and probably end up losing money. Joel made sure to send Midge away with some cash on hand. She didn't think she needed that. She just wanted the loyal support of her family knowing that she would return to the city with a different life. She won't be returning to the same apartment she has always known. Some relationships may change. She and Joel still seem way too close especially since he also appears to be getting closer to Mei. That subplot is not good at all. In fact, it may even border on being culturally insensitive. That's unfortunate and distracting. It's not amusing in the same way some of the other comedic subplots can be. But the true focus of this hour comes when Midge finally gets to open for Shy. She bombs because she is easily distracted. That's not surprising. She can move so quickly when she is engaged by the world around her. In this environment though, it is simply overwhelming. She doesn't quite know what to do. And then, she gets right back up on stage and kills it once more. She delights by giving the people a show they didn't even expect to witness in this casino. That's brave and amusing. It showcases that there is a sense of camaraderie between Midge and the rest of the tour. Reggie may always be concerned about the break from the rigid schedule. He needs to know that everything will continue to promote and uplift Shy. That's his chief concern. He needs Midge to be funny during the actual performances and not just the after shows. She can't distract the crew with a feast. She is still learning. But she is also in a welcoming environment that wants her to succeed. Any kind of pressure is mostly off to the sides poking its head up from time to time without being the chief motivation for any specific action. People may be worried at various points. However, Midge always has the ability to charm and dazzle. She just needs a confidence boost every once in awhile. Susie may not always be by her side especially once the tour is up and moving. Midge may be too reliant on that bond. But they still have a blast together and Midge makes friends so easily no matter where she goes. So, there remains the overwhelming feeling that she'll be fine no matter what even though the show wants to elevate the stakes slightly this season.