Friday, December 6, 2019

REVIEW: 'Truth Be Told' - Poppy's Investigation Leads to Extreme Consequences for Her Family in 'Even Salt Looks Like Sugar'

AppleTV+'s Truth Be Told - Episode 1.03 "Even Salt Looks Like Sugar"

Identifying a new suspect has unintended consequences in Poppy's personal life.

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"Even Salt Looks Like Sugar" was written by Chitra Elizabeth Sampath and directed by Sarah Pia Anderson

All of Poppy's friends and family are either trying to protect her from the dangers of her work or chastize her for not thinking through the potential consequences of her actions. She appears to be the only person determined to prove Warren's innocence. She believes that fiercely. She struggles articulating it with others though. It may be her own personal crusade. She is doing her best to articulate the story through her podcast. And yet, that's become more of an annoyance to the people involved in this case instead of a story that is fully engaging to those listening to it every week. Sure, Poppy has a supportive producer in Noa who helps her create this content. Everyone else though is insanely worried about her well-being. As such, she is continually having to point out that she has been doing this work for 20 years. She knows how to handle herself in the field. She has been in dangerous areas before. She knows how to care for herself. It's caring for other people that appears to be the problem. She may not have to be considerate of the feelings of her subjects. However, she should care what her family thinks of her. Right now, it seems like they are the ones being hurt by this investigation. None of them understand it. They aren't engaged by the process. They just see Poppy as foolishly trying to help a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. That is horrifying to them. They refuse to look past that. It's the same reaction Poppy had when she first sat down with Warren. But now, she feels like he is being helpful in this investigation. He is choosing to fight. He may constantly be putting his own life in danger. He is being targeted in prison for the sensationalism his case has now gotten. He has to project a certain sense of strength in order to survive. That has hardened him to the world. And yet, he may not be the most dangerous person in this universe. That honor may belong to his father Owen Cave simply because he has the power to disrupt so many lives. Poppy is certainly looking at him as the most viable suspect for who committed the crime. She can blow apart his alibi while also establishing a motive for the murder. It may be a giant red herring in the end. It just gives Poppy a clear and concise antagonist to contend with who has the influence to destroy the lives of her family. It's absolutely harrowing to watch as Cydie is processed at the station. She endures that indignity for nothing more than a few traffic violations. There is no reason she should be arrested. But it's a way for Owen to flex his strength. He can make Poppy's life miserable. She may be doing that well enough on her own because no one in her family really trusts her at the moment. Ingram doesn't want to give her legal advice that can help her continue speaking with Warren. Shreve believes she is only making his life more difficult. And Cydie is in a jail cell for a little while. It's all absolutely horrifying. These are the consequences for her actions. Poppy wants to believe that this is all par for the course. There will always be powerful people who refuse to let the truth come to light in any given situation. This one just happens to hit close to home. She acknowledges that but won't let it deter her. It's important for her to have that conversation with her husband. He knows that she can't allow this to infect their private lives. It may be too late though. That may be inevitable. It may only get worse. That is the cost of this case. Those involved have changed so much since it was first settled two decades ago. People have tried their best to move on. And yet, there are plenty of hard edges that keep popping up to hurt each other because of the damage done as a result. Josie is terrified of Lanie. That has to be teasing something major in this case. Poppy may get to the truth eventually. But what all is she willing to lose as a result? And will it devastate her in a way that many should expect? Or will she remain calleous to the consequences of it all?