Sunday, January 26, 2020

REVIEW: 'Dare Me' - Beth, Addy and Colette Have Very Different Reactions to the Same Tragic Events in 'Parallel Trenches'

USA's Dare Me - Episode 1.05 "Parallel Trenches"

The party fallout wreaks havoc on Addy, Beth and Colette's nerves, leading to a shocking accident.

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"Parallel Trenches" was written by Lisa Lutz and directed by Olivia Newman

Everyone has a unique perspective in the world. Everyone views events differently. People can have drastically different reactions to the same events that are happening. As such, it's fascinating and so immediately compelling to watch this hour play with perspective in a way to better inform the characters. The season so far has been told from Addy's perspective. That means the first third of this episode doesn't feel drastically different. In fact, it may have the narrative burden of simply laying out the basic plot details so that the audience can see how the reactions vary later on. Addy doesn't have a clear sense of what happened to Beth during the party with the marines. And then, the pep rally is cut short with Tacy failing to execute a tough move and knocking RiRi's teeth out in the process. Addy possesses the wisdom to scoop up the teeth and preserve them until they can be replanted in her friend's mouth. She is quick to act in that way. That showcases her leadership skills and the common sense she has accumulated during her life so far. She is still more than willing to lie to her mother and doubt the sincerity of Beth at any given moment though. She feels ashamed of what could have happened but she remains in anguish because of the foggy clarity. She is punished but still notes all the ways in which Colette is trying to keep the team strong and pump them up no matter what. That stands in sharp contrast with the way that Colette experiences the world. Everyone views her as the adult in the room who has much more responsibilities than anyone else. She has to ensure the safety of the girls on the squad. She has to provide security for more than just them as well. She is still fairly immature too. She doesn't feel like the adult who can handle all of this responsibility. Yes, she is a wife and mother. She has a proven track record of leading cheer squads to success. However, it's easy for her to succumb to the temptation of an affair with Will because it brings her back to so many fond memories of her past. She can relax into that feeling and not have to take the world so seriously. Bert continues to prop up the town with his vision of a stadium that can bring so much to the community. He needs the cheer squad to succeed. He is just as excited as the girls are about qualifying for regionals. Colette understands that it will still take a lot of hard work in order to prove that they are just as competitive as any other school in the state. They have a long way to go to achieve their goals. She also has contempt for the foolish actions her girls are taking. She has encouraged them in the past. She has let her guard down and made it seem fine and acceptable to place themselves in these precarious situations. Kurtz couldn't control what was told about the party either. Will became aware of it completely on his own. He understands that actions need to be taken in order to protect everyone involved. He is looking to Colette for guidance on what to do. She may not have a good answer. She may not provide the comfort or support people need from her as an authority figure. She knows how to command a team. When it comes to the personal connections though, she remains a mess who doesn't have life figured out. Instead, she feels that RiRi's trip to the emergency room is ultimately her fault because she didn't have control over the team. Tacy acted in defiance of her in order to show off. That could do quite a bit of damage. Colette may know how to react to that. And yet, no one knows how to deal with Beth. Everyone is quick to label her as wild and unpredictable. They don't try to understand her as a human being. She also believes she is communicating what she is feeling very effectively. And yet, that showcases how the specific phrasing of those thoughts can absolutely change the meaning of any particular situation. Beth is furious about losing the necklace her father gave her. Others understand it to be a big deal as well. She finally retrieves it and is devastated to learn that it has potentially been broken for good. She is very insulated in her own world. She doesn't believe that her actions can have a profound effect on others. In Addy's perspective, it was Beth's skills that made Tacy believe she could do a more difficult move in the heat of the moment. However, Beth is too caught up in her fraying reality to punish or tease her half-sister. That is energy she has inspired amongst the team. She feels the pressure of all the eyes being on her as well. She doesn't want that but has no idea how to escape from it either. People have these differing perspectives on the world. And yet, there is the common thread that each of these women feel isolated and devastated because of their inability to survive and thrive in the world. Part of it is a pattern of heinous and unfortunate actions. That can be conditioned as part of their environmental and social circles. However, the trauma on display runs much more deeply than that and will surely amount to even more darkness as everyone continues to wonder just how much more they can handle of this current reality. Yes, the squad is competing at regionals. That is a big deal for the school, town and squad. But the individual members may be forced into enduring even more pressure which could effectively break them. That presents in unhealthy ways. This version of the world may have been inevitable despite many being idealistic in pursuing something greater. They want to show that they are more than what the world originally perceives even if some of those fears are absolutely accurate.