Friday, January 24, 2020

Development News - 'Rita' Casts Paprika Steen, Isabella Crovetti, Gio Tavarez, Jade Payton and Connor Falk; Plus 2 More Updates!

Development News - January 24, 2020

CBS' We the Jury; NBC's Ordinary Joe; and Showtime's Rita.

  • Paprika Steen, Isabella Crovetti, Gio Tavarez, Jade Payton and Connor Falk will co-star on the drama pilot starring Lena Headey. Steen starred in the Danish films Okay and Open Hearts. Crovetti starred for two seasons in ABC's The Neighbors and three seasons in USA's Colony. Tavarez appears in the upcoming third season of HBO Max's Search Party. Payton has recurred on The CW's iZombie, Netflix's Daybreak and The CW's Dynasty. Falk is currently recurring on Disney+'s Diary of a Future President.
  • Steen will play Ellen, a guidance counselor who runs the school with weaponized empathy.
  • Crovetti will play Rose, an overly ambitious student whom Rita (Headey) is constantly at odds with.
  • Tavarez will play Connie, a new and overly enthusiastic teacher at Rita's school.
  • Payton will play Molly, Rita's daughter who is now finding her own role in life.
  • Falk will play Oliver, Rita's youngest son, a satellite in the family who thrives on order and control.
  • WE THE JURY (Comedy, Hybrid) - Written by 9JKL's Dana Klein and Stephanie Darrow. Executive produced by Klein, Darrow, James Acaster, Kenton Allen and Matthew Justice. Produced by CBS Television Studios and Big Talk Productions. Logline: Based on a British format, a group of jurors are sequestered together unti they all agree on a verdict - and they can't even agree on lunch.
  • ORDINARY JOE (Drama) - Written by Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner (House, Altered Carbon). Executive produced by Friend, Lerner, Matt Reeves, Adam Kassan, Rafi Crohn and Howard Klein. Produced by 20th Century Fox Television, 6th & Idaho Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment. Logline: After he makes a pivotal choice at a crossroads in his life, the drama explores the three parallel lives of its main character. The series asks the question of how different life might look if you made your decision based on love, loyalty or passion.