Tuesday, January 14, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - David Has an Incident in Bed That Causes a Huge Amount of Embarrassment in 'The Incident'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.02 "The Incident"

David is embarrassed by a childhood issue that resurfaces, and when Patrick is so understanding, it only makes David spiral further. Johnny, Stevie and Roland attend a viewing for a motel nearby, but it quickly becomes clear there was a mistake. Alexis helps Moira join social media, and while at first resistant, once she gets the hang of it, Moira can't seem to get enough.

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"The Incident" was written by Daniel Levy and directed by Jordan Canning

When Moira first learns that David had an incident during the night, she rattles off an assortment of options it could be. It's clear she understands her son incredibly well while knowing just how many issues he has faced which could be seen as embarrassing. Some of them are absolutely traumatizing like the night terrors. The bed wetting here is just personally embarrassing. He is absolutely mortified that this has happened to him once more. He thought this was something that he had outgrown. Instead, it may just be one way his body reacts when he is incredibly excited about something. As such, this may not be the first time it happens while he is busy planning his wedding to Patrick. However, he will ensure that there is literally no liquids in his body when he goes to sleep in order to prove a point that he can still be loved and doesn't have to be ashamed by this ever again. That may be an extreme reaction. It's cute how Patrick responds to all of this as well. He doesn't see it as the thing that could split them up for good. At first, David spirals because he sees this as grounds for divorce right away. It's embarrassing and he doesn't even want to look Patrick in the eyes to face what he has done. At first, he doesn't understand what the liquid in the bed is. He alerts Patrick to the issue. It's only then that he realizes what has happened. David squirms throughout this episode. He doesn't want to talk about this with anyone in his life. He is making the active choice not to even offer the perception that he has to use the bathroom. He is committed to that no matter how destructive it could be to his personal health. Patrick isn't going anywhere either. In fact, it's sweet that he is willing to share his own bedroom routine that requires him to be a little dorky. He has a mouth guard for his teeth and a breathing machine to help him sleep through the night. These are what couples have to reveal to one another in order to be truly open and vulnerable. It's what a life together actually looks like. It's not all the fun and exciting things that come from romance. Instead, it's about fully accepting what the other person is even in the moments of pure embarrassment. David doesn't make a joke about what Patrick has to use to sleep. Instead, he just sees the man he is eager to marry and spend the rest of his life with. Of course, all of this grows more complicated with Moira live streaming the conversation through the social media page she has taken over for the day. She wants to be actively involved with the promotion of the Crows movie. She is very vested in its success. She wants to know she did everything possible to answer her fans and provide them with a genuine viewing experience. She just happens to reveal this personal moment because she has no idea how social media actually works. Alexis does though. Sure, she delights in the shame and embarrassment for her brother. She is torn because she knows she has a professional responsibility to take the video down. However, she also wants to milk it for as long as possible knowing the stress it is probably causing David. This is the family Patrick is marrying into. And he knows he has to personally watch Alexis delete the video in order to ensure that she does. Of course, it's strange that David never becomes aware that all of this happened. He will eventually because Ronnie sends him a link. It won't be erased entirely from the Internet. However, he has a family trying their best to make the situation a little easier for him for as long as possible. That's admirable. That's what this show embodies at its core. It genuinely presents decent people trying their best even if their selfish interests frequently get in the way. Stevie doesn't know if she wants to remain in the hospitality business. She once felt directionless in her life. Johnny and Roland came in to help her make the Rosebud Motel a success. Now, they feel the impulse to grow and expand the business. After doing Cabaret though, Stevie feels like there is a world of opportunities out there that she should explore. She feels the confidence in doing so even though it is an awkward conversation she has to have with Johnny. Sure, it's not as awkward as attending a man's funeral believing it to be a real estate showing for the new motel. That potential expansion may have its own issues as well. However, Johnny gives Stevie the trust to explore what she wants out of her life even if it will take her far away and out of this business for good. That can be scary from a business perspective. But it's rewarding on a personal level as these people genuinely want what's best for each other in the long run.