Tuesday, January 21, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - Stevie Pursues a New Career While Johnny Faces More Financial Troubles in 'The Job Interview'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.03 "The Job Interview"

After Johnny is rejected for a bank loan, he and Moira resolve to pursue Bob as an investor for the new motel. Alexis and Ted struggle with long-distance, and it's proving to be especially difficult to find time to chat on their anniversary. David helps Stevie with a job interview for a local airline.

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"The Job Interview" was written by Michael Short and directed by Andrew Cividino

Johnny and Moira understand that the motel business may be the way for them to rebuild their fortunes and climb the socioeconomic ladder once more. It may be a slow moving process. However, that is the ideal they still hold onto. As such, it's crushing when they believe this opportunity to expand has passed them by. Johnny and Roland cannot secure a loan from the bank in order to buy the new motel. Nor can the team approach Bob to come in as a new investor. In fact, it's hilarious to watch as Johnny, Moira, Roland and Jocelyn believe that Bob is incredibly rich even though he is just spiraling after Gwen left him for the local preacher. That's hilarious and insane. It shows that there are big developments happening in this town for the characters who have always been on the periphery. Bob and Gwen's union once seemed strong. And now, Bob is trying to change things up even though he is devastated by this loss. Johnny and Moira may always prop up their standing in the world. They claim to be close friends with Bill and Melinda Gates. However, that is all an illusion. In the end though, they do succeed in purchasing this new motel. Their expansion dreams come to fruition with the hopes of them eventually getting out of Schitt's Creek. However, their financial stability and future is no longer the only thing at stake. Now, Roland and Jocelyn are personally invested in the outcome of this business too. They take a second mortgage out on their house believing this new motel to be a wise financial investment. They don't believe their friends would screw them in a deal. And yet, Johnny and Moira are still propping themselves up as better financially than they actually are. That can turn disastrous rather quickly. Right now, it's just important to prop up this new partnership and hold onto the hope that the future still looks bright. These families are growing closer together. They do genuinely want to succeed together as well. There just may always be the fear that life could become tumultuous at any moment. Johnny wasn't expecting this news from Roland and Jocelyn. Nor was he expecting to see a turtle in the motel room. That's just the way life operates sometimes. The motel team is scrambling for this support because they are dealing with Stevie wanting to walk away. She has a desire to explore her options in life. Johnny and Roland are more than willing to place all of their hopes and dreams in expanding the motel business. She was a part of this business simply because it provided her with something to do each day. And now, she wants to aspire to more out of life. That may come from landing this job to become a flight attendant for a local airline. She does so with the dream of seeing the world. In turn, that creates a fun competition between her and David to see which one would actually make the best flight attendant. Stevie is given the job offer but David is the one actually seen participating in the class. He doesn't make it far and he's a sore loser. But this could easily offer Stevie a new sense of direction quickly after saying she wanted to see what else was out there. With her future seemingly set, that ensures that this season won't be wasting a lot of time in setting up what comes next for these characters. Plus, it's just a lot of fun to see David wearing Patrick's clothes for this job interview, David lashing out after being rejected, and the insane improvements this airline has to say they recently improved. Elsewhere, Alexis and Ted are doing their best to make their long distance relationship work. They are celebrating their anniversary here. It sucks that they are apart on this key day. However, they have the support they need in order to make it meaningful together even though it means they rarely get any time by themselves. Alexis can't just replace Ted with a turtle either. She isn't responsible enough to care for the animal. And yet, that doesn't matter because the technology and good will exists for this couple to remain strong no matter what obstacles they have to overcome at the moment in order to thrive. That's incredibly joyous in the end.