Tuesday, January 28, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - Stevie and Alexis Land Major Roles in David and Patrick's Wedding in 'Maid of Honour'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.04 "Maid of Honour"

After Moira shares the newly released Crows movie trailer with the Jazzagals, she can't help but notice Jocelyn's lack of praise. Johnny and Roland find a suspicious bag of money at the new motel and organize a stakeout to get to the bottom of it. David chooses his maid-of-honor.

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"Maid of Honour" was written by Kurt Smeaton and directed by Andrew Cividino

Stevie is David's best friend while Alexis is his sister. He has to choose which to make his maid of honor for his upcoming wedding to Patrick. At first, it was a decision made by circumstances. Alexis was going away for months and couldn't be an active participant in the wedding planning. Her trip was delayed though. She thinks this responsibility is all hers now. That would be taking it away from Stevie though. And right now, Stevie is spiraling out of fear of the unknown. She no longer trusts the airline that has just hired her to be a flight attendant. She doesn't see herself as someone who can handle that responsibility. She is thrown into performing the role right away too. She earned this job. She could tease David about it. And yet, she runs away from it because she questions any organization or company that would want her as a valuable and trusted member. She doesn't have high self-esteem at the moment. Performing in Cabaret got her excitement and sense of self-worth up. It was a rousing success for her. She is still essentially riding that high. However, that was just one component of her life. Now, she is struggling to find the next great thing that can provide her with direction. This job seemed like a perfect opportunity. In the end though, David was right to mock it. It's a company that sounded more horrible with every detail revealed about it. It's even being sued by its founder. It's all so ridiculous. But it also means Alexis feels the need to give Stevie the title of maid of honor. She understands that her friend simply needs it more. Right now, things are relatively good for Alexis. This wedding planning may come more natural for her. However, it's just a fun thing she can do while still having some input respected every once in awhile. For Stevie, it's a necessary experience in order to give her a project to work on. It may only be a distraction. That can be comforting though in her time of need. David has been planning his wedding since he was a child. He has so many details mapped out already. It can all seem like a foreign language to Stevie. But everyone wants her to succeed as well. That is the genuine enthusiasm and support that comes through every story being told in this world. Sure, some characters can fear the worst possible outcome all the time. Some are more emotionally healthy and stable than others. For example, Moira places her value on how others respond to the trailer of the Crows movie. She watches it over and over again viewing it as her masterpiece. This is her return to the world of acting. She put so much hard work into it. She doesn't want it to be viewed as a joke. She fears hatred and dismissal when Jocelyn isn't into it. Once that becomes clear, Jocelyn may just fake her written reaction. And yet, that also features such a profound and poetic elegance to it. The movie may not live up to those expectations. However, it does showcase how these friendships are genuine. Their opinions mean something and they want to help the other succeed. Meanwhile, Johnny fears that the new motel has problems he wasn't expecting or hasn't dealt with before. He fears a squatter is possibly running a criminal business from one of the rooms. It's all just a misunderstanding in the end. It again points out how Johnny can jump to some wild conclusions and not really know how to react when the situation presents itself differently. He wants to appease everyone. He is the gentleman who can be trusted atop the business. He has earned a sense of legitimacy as well. However, it's still fun to see Roland tease him about the mistakes he makes because Johnny is still fundamentally learning how to start over again. He has grand ambitions but every minor step is just as important as well. These stories highlight just how fun and reliable some of these character pairings can ultimately be. Plus, it's insanely rewarding when David asks Alexis to give him away at the wedding. That is a gesture that highlights how far they have come as siblings. They now actually want to showcase their love in public. That is a tremendous amount of personal growth.