Friday, January 17, 2020

REVIEW: 'Sex Education' - Maeve Provides Strong Support to Aimee After a Traumatizing Encounter on the Bus in 'Episode 3'

Netflix's Sex Education - Episode 2.03 "Episode 3"

On her way to surprise Maeve, Aimee gets a horrible shock on the bus. Rahim connects with Eric as a Milburn family dinner gets seriously awkward.

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"Episode 3" was written by Sophie Goodhart and directed by Sophie Goodhart

Maeve celebrates her birthday here. And yet, she understands immediately that she has to be of service to Aimee instead of focusing on herself. Aimee is the person who wants to make a big deal about Maeve's birthday. However, she is sexually assaulted on the bus. That is absolutely horrifying. It's a significant moment as well. It is traumatizing. Aimee wants to write it off as just this weird thing that happened. But she also understands just how horrifying and tragic it all was. In the moment, she felt the urgency to get off the bus as quickly as possible. It's chilling to watch as the other passengers don't see it as a big deal whatsoever. But Aimee's favorite jeans are ruined. They are marked by this man who saw this as an opportunity to take what he believed should be his. Aimee is naturally an optimistic person. She believes in the good within everyone. People have taken advantage of her in the past though. The Untouchables were constantly cruel to her and used her for the luxurious life she has. On the inside though, she has always been lonely. That's what made her friendship with Maeve so meaningful. She is the loyal friend who will stand by Aimee's side as she reports this to the police. This isn't a story where she is additionally traumatized because the local officers have no idea how to listen to her story and collect the evidence. Everyone is accommodating and more than willing to let her process whatever feelings she has. In the end though, she is still all alone in her room crying and afraid to get on the bus the next morning. These feelings won't just go away either. She will need the continued support of her friends. She may be able to deflect by focusing on Maeve's crush on Otis and her unwillingness to share it with him. However, that coping mechanism may not be healthy in the long run. Maeve also feels the urgency in telling Otis how she feels. At first, they are concerned that Jean being on campus will cut into their business. Of course, Jean isn't helpful to the first student who comes to her new office looking for advice. In fact, she sends him running out in fear that Olivia wants to kill him. It's much more personal than that. Otis is able to help this couple be more open and vulnerable with each other. That showcases that there is still value to the sex clinic even in a system that wants to dramatically improve the free sex education these children are receiving at school. But it's such a complicated subject matter as well. It's more than just the act itself. The show has presented a variety of issues that have come up in numerous relationships. The teachers and adults don't always have the best answers. Otis doesn't either. He is never perfect. He just feels the smug satisfaction of being right a lot of the time. Of course, that makes it inevitable that the dinner he has with Ola, Jean and Jakob will end in disaster. He can't cope with too much change in his life. He has long conditioned himself into believing that his mother would never be in another relationship. He is stunned that she wants more from Jakob. He may not view this through some great love she has for his father. Remi has long been a distant parent who destroyed this family in the first place. But Otis insists that Jakob is trying to replace him. It's a strange dynamic. One where Otis apologizes simply because it's what his mother tells him to do. He still listens to her. However, he throws tantrums as well. He can be so generous and compassionate when it comes to helping others sort out their own issues. He celebrates alongside Eric after hearing about his first date with Rahim. That too is such an exciting story that happens here. Sure, it's eventually disrupted by the sudden return of Adam to the city. That may doom this relationship before it ever truly gets started because Eric has a lot of conflicting feelings when he sees him. That is bound to only grow more complicated. Rahim also presents as an attractive men who has been withholding a lot of personal details so far. It's a physical attraction. That is exciting for Eric. It should be celebrated. But there are plenty of other dynamics that are constantly changing. Those too define these characters every single day whether they want them to or not. Some are willing to speak up and demand change. Others remain terrified of what saying their feelings will actually do to the lives they have happily created. Maeve's mom is back living with her after telling her boyfriend about her two children. That's certainly not something she wants in her life right now. And yet, Jackson stuns with his audition for Romeo & Juliet which may prove that everyone has unexpected depth if they are willing to put in the work to explore and express it. Meanwhile, Maeve would rather embrace a cruel joke to harden her perception instead of telling Otis about her crush on him.