Saturday, January 18, 2020

REVIEW: 'Sex Education' - Ola Gives Otis an Ultimatum While Jean Feels Overwhelmed by Her New Relationship in 'Episode 4'

Netflix's Sex Education - Episode 2.04 "Episode 4"

Ola wants to go all the way, but Otis is on edge. Jean and Maeve need their space. Jackson has performance worries, and star-crossed lovers reconnect.

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"Episode 4" was written by Laurie Nunn & Rosie Jones and directed by Alice Seabright

Ola presents Otis with an ultimatum here. If he wants to continue dating her, then he will have to end his relationship with Maeve. Their bond has been interrupted too many times with Ola feeling like it's this looming issue destined to forever create more problems between them. It's not simple or healthy. It's getting in the way of something she really enjoys. She is ready to have sex. She makes her feelings known to Otis early on. He is excited about it as well. It doesn't happen though because Maeve makes her big declaration of love. It comes after an unfortunate series of events in which Otis loses a child and Maeve gets kicked off the quiz team. Everything feels quite personally destructive. And yet, that's the careful design of this series. All of the main characters are presented with potentially healthy choices in their lives. They may even embrace them. And then, a wrinkle is introduced that could be dangerous but thrilling as well. As such, temptation is very real for all of these characters. Otis is upset upon learning that Maeve likes him. He had to rid his mind of those feelings because he knew it would only make things more difficult. He has acted as a friend and moved on. He has found a relationship with Ola that has helped him push past his fears in a very healthy and rewarding way. Maeve may always present as the trouble that he could be tempted by. The sex clinic they run together has had importance and value at Moordale as well. And yet, they may be making the lives of their classmates more difficult. Yes, Otis knows how to share some basic facts about sex and relationships. However, his mother is the trained therapist. She came to Moordale to evaluate the sexual education program. But now, she is fully acting as the therapist these students truly need. She has the awareness and respect for asexuality that helps a girl in crisis. Otis couldn't provide that clarity. As such, he may be seen as ripping off his peers for no helpful advice whatsoever. He still brings his own unique perspective and feelings to the sessions. He believes that everyone generally wants to have sex. Jean understands that every person has their own complex relationship with the subject. It would be easy to stay with the stable and healthy choice. However, the temptation from something more passionate always looms. It's something that Jean feels as well. Sure, this episode produces a little drama between her and Jakob as she grows more than a little annoyed about the clutter growing around her house. That makes it more awkward when Remi suddenly decides to drop by. Jean fully gives into her lustful feelings towards him as well. That is dangerous. It proves that she doesn't have all the answers either. She makes mistakes just like everyone else. She doesn't fully have sex with him because Otis shows up. This arrival may brighten his day after failing to lose his virginity with Ola. But it's also much more complicated than that. He is angry at the world. He feels like he is losing everything that made him special. It is ruthlessly being taken away from him. People are asking too much and he doesn't know how to provide them with what they need. He can't say no either. But everyone is dealing with personal moments of devastation. Maeve was encouraged by Miss Sands. She lifted her student up and told her to aspire for bigger things in her life. And yet, Maeve has been a solitary person for so long. She has had to manage on her own because of her problematic family. And now, that's the reason why her teammates no longer want her around. She isn't a part of a team. That's just the latest rejection she has to face. That's what makes it sting when Otis walks away and doesn't want to respond to her text. That moment still causes a fair amount of damage. Meanwhile, Adam only really responds to Eric when it suites his needs and interests. Adam is aloof and distant with what he is feeling. However, this is a genuine connection that the two of them share. It just comes at a time when Rahim openly wants Eric to be his boyfriend. As such, Eric is faced with a choice between something he can't quite describe with Adam and being able to live out proudly with Rahim. It's a perilous choice. He had his own personal journey towards acceptance in the first season. Now, he is pursuing romance. It just proves to be more difficult than he could have ever thought and he can't even be open with Otis about everything that is happening either. Relationships are personal. And yet, this show has always been frank with what's going on in the intimate lives of its characters. As soon as that disappears, then the damage may be irreparable. But again, that is an active choice everyone has to make even though it may hurt some people in the process as well. They have to decide what is healthy for them at this specific moment in time.